Over the Kharkov area new threat

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In Lozova's territory besides an arsenal with ammunition the warehouse with unknown pesticides and toxic chemicals was found. It was planned to utilize toxic agents four years ago. But, 220 tons of toxic chemicals and remained in a warehouse. After explosions of ammunition the container in which toxic agents are stored was damaged. The situation becomes complicated that the storage warehouse private, unknown, but toxic agents - state, writes " Z".

In 2000 according to the intergovernmental ecological program between Ukraine and Denmark on the territory of the Lozovsky warehouse of toxic chemicals more than 50 tons of toxic agents of an unknown origin arrived. As packing special barrels were used. Inscription on container the standard: "Dangerously! Toxically! Toxic chemicals". That specifically in barrels and what actually danger toxic agents can constitute, anybody doesn't know. Barrels, are calculated on temporary storage of toxic agents, for a period of two years.

In 2004 according to the same ecological program there had to be a utilization. The container needed to be utilized, and to move toxic chemicals to other packing or to destroy together with old container. However the ecological program was curtailed. Barrels with unknown toxic chemicals and remained to stand in a warehouse. Now - overdue.

Unknown poison and container in which it is - state. Warehouse - private.

At present in warehouses of Supina — International private enterprise there are 220 tons of pesticides and toxic chemicals of an unknown origin. Bulk (170 tons) which makes the substances brought on storage from all Ukraine (New Vodolaga, Novobogdanovka). The others 50 - the toxic agents not utilized in 2004.

According to the director of Supina — International private firm Alexander Suzimov, explosions on 61 arsenals depressurization of warehouses resulted and the container in which unknown toxic chemicals were stored was damaged. Also it reminded that the expiration date of packing by davny - expired long ago.

If unknown poison gets, for example, to water or the soil, isn't excluded that Lozovuyu are expected by the tragedy much on a more substantial scale and more seriously than Chernobyl. The ecological disaster can occur at any time. Despite real possibility of accident, this problem while is suppressed.At national level conversations on toxic chemicals in Lozova aren't had.

To learn that it is stored in barrels for carrying out examination more than half a million hryvnias is required. For utilization of toxic agents - more than five million hryvnias.

We will remind that the damage from explosions on 61 arsenals already made 1,5 million hryvnias, but every day this figure inevitably grows. Than the history with emergency in the Kharkov area and what can be consequences will end anybody doesn't undertake to predict yet.


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