Krivoi Rog on the verge of accident?

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About it professor Igor Paranko warns, the head of the department of the general geology of Krivorozhsky technical university Uneven crystal structure of breeds near Krivoi Rog becomes, according to professor, even more unreliable of - for numerous man-made emptiness on a place of the fulfilled mines and mines. "In - the first, crystal blocks on which Krivoi Rog is constructed, are non-uniform, in - the second, available layers consist of soft breeds, in - the third, there are emptiness of various origin, it states. As a result of shift the rupture of soft sedimentary breeds or a technogenic earthquake" is possible.

To initiate accident, according to Igor Paranko, explosive works in a zone of technogenic emptiness can. "When carrying out explosive works single seismic waves are generated, deformation of breeds results, new cracks of the technogenic nature are formed, collapse natural, professor told. We will add here the old mines, more and more going deep trunks current and "funnels" of pits. Generally, we entered a full imbalance into the geological system".

Considerable danger, in his opinion, represent also шлакохранилища and ponds - stores of the liquid waste which large number surrounds the city. "The total weight of all the krivorozhskikh of storages makes about six billions tons! Igor Paranko emphasized. If there is bigger pressure upon one of the flanks joined in this place of geological blocks, there can be a deformation of a blocking dam. The powerful mud technogenic stream" becomes result of a distortion.


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