Odessa terrorizes dizzy a plowing. Among suspects - sea depths

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Approximately from 13.00 on September 9 inhabitants of some districts of Odessa felt the pungent unpleasant smell similar on is gray - hydrogen or ammonia. By 18.00 the smell amplified.

The deputy chief of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Odessa region Sergey Didkovsky declared that in profile department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of signals of any explosions or accidents at the large-scale enterprises of area didn't arrive. "We can't claim yet that it is ammonia. The matter is within the competence of regional ecological government" rather.

According to Sergey Didkovsky, without the conclusion of ecologists won't undertake any actions the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. "We advise inhabitants of Odessa to keep tranquillity, not to panic", - he emphasized.

In gas service of the city confirmed existence in the city of a specific smell, however reported that it not gas, and "with gas has no communication".

In Service of rapid response to emergency situations of the Odessa City Council recommended to inhabitants to be locked in the houses and to wait. "The smell will pass soon", - the operator of service reported. Also he reported that, according to preliminary data, it "a certain emission of ammonia and the chemicals, however what chemicals and what source of emission - while becomes clear".

In the late afternoon on September 9 Sergey Dikovsky reported the new version of an event: sea depths, or the estuary can be a source of a smell.

According to the expert, according to the preliminary version of the Ministry of Emergency Situations inhabitants of Odessa feel a hydrogen sulfide smell, instead of ammonia.

"Now experts take air samples in different places for the purpose of identification of a source of emissions", - Sergey Didkovsky reported.

According to him, some experts the most probable source of gas call the Black Sea which depths contain a significant amount of hydrogen sulfide. "We were told that now just the season for such sea emissions", - was noted by him.

As of evening on September 9 in the press messages from inhabitants of Odessa continued to arrive. Inhabitants of the majority of areas, excepting the central part of the city, reported that test asthma from a pungent dizzy smell. The smell extends around the city depending on flaws.


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