In the Zaporozhye area peat bogs

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Ignition happened in the Vodokanal enterprise territory. Here dump products of processing of cleaning constructions. On one of versions, state of emergency occurred because of hunters. In these parts pheasants are found. Birds shot, without thinking that from a spark there can be an ignition.

Zaporozhye "Vodokanal" here tries to extinguish the fifth day a fire in the territory of fir-tree ponds of the central treatment facilities.

Now here, on the city suburb, on the area about 8 hectares, solid waste of the cleared drains smolders. On the structure they remind peat.

The municipal equipment works at a place. Some bulldozers clear away ponds that tankers with water here could approach.

While it is difficultly to tell about causes of the fire. Whether it was self-ignition of waste from - for heats, whether someone's careless handling of fire. Some centers of ignition are deeply underground. To reach them, representatives of a water utility note, it is necessary to dig over the territory bulldozers.

Anatoly Loik, acting director general of KP "Vodokanal":

- Practically this smoke, it doesn't reach. Now - now a wind the second day from the settlement - it doesn't get at all, extends across the field.

At present smoldering fir-tree ponds don't pose any threat for nearby settlements (it the village Kushugum and Balabino located in two kilometers from here) for treatment facilities of "Vodokanal".


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