In Yenakiyevo rumors about a fire on mine under Styrene

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Among the population of Yenakiyevo rumors are spread that the fire in underground developments of emergency mine of a name of Karl Marx reached the chemical Styrene concern which находитя in the next Gorlovka, and threatens safety of both cities.

"At us only about it also speak. Tell that on kindergartens and schools dispatched the telephone message with the requirement to prepare children for possible evacuation. Allegedly and buses are already prepared", reported a source of the Island in Yenakiyevo.

In turn, in Gosgorpromnadzor reported that during accident on mine of a name of Karl Marx which occurred on June 8, burning of underground developments wasn't. Allegedly, coming nearer to Styrene, they have no information on a fire.

In the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in Donetsk region hearings about a possible technogenic catastrophe and evacuation of kindergartens called inappropriate to reality. "It is very serious, we surely would know if it was so", told in GU Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Press - the Styrene service also disproves any information that chemical production is threatened by an underground fire. "It is categorically disproved these hearings", declared in a press - service.

In a reception of Enakiyevsky city department of national education reported that heard nothing about the telephone message, ordering to provide evacuation of schools and kindergartens.

We will remind, on June 8 at 5:00 on mine of a name of Karl Marx in Yenakiyevo there was an explosion and a fire, under blockages there were 37 miners. As a result of explosion in a nadshakhtny structure of a trunk of N2 (on which lifting of miners on a surface is made) there was a fire.


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