Lozovchane is brought together by shells, live without windows and sleep in winter jackets

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Inhabitants of the farm Gersevanovsky still wait for the promised repair, and their houses remind sheds, than human housing more. In an old lodge of pensioners all upside down. Windows are filled with blankets and an oilcloth, carpets are removed, and the furniture costs in one corner. "We wanted to insert windows, but all wall fell down, - the pensioner Ivan Nos tells. - In both rooms of a crack through". The day before yesterday between old beehives it found one more shell in the yard, called sappers - a dangerous find took away. "The heap of the commissions came, - Ivan Petrovich complains. - Speak, can't help at once to all and to whom help - that? We live, as in a shed. By winter in general everything will collapse". On - good, the house needs to be taken down and put new, but pensioners don't hope for it at all.

Near Ivan Nos lives 82 - summer Pelageya Vorobyova. The shell got into a roof of her house: interrupted all support and windows took off, some days later the crack through all wall went. "I can't still come round, - Pelageya Petrovna cries. - The roof - that needs to be changed".

In a barrack where there live Kirp's spouses, three apartments. "The shell passed through our roof clear, - the pensioner Anastasia Stepanovna tells. - Broke all flues, we wait for the stove-setter still. Brought a used brick - on 200 pieces on the apartment but only on one oven one thousand pieces" is necessary. Glasses in the house inserted, but any whole frame isn't present. Elderly people and in the afternoon, and at night - in valenoks and jackets. Can't independently order the house Kirpy - to both in 80 years, the man almost doesn't see and hardly moves. "A hole in a roof to us closed up, but it all the same flows, - other inhabitant, Lyudmila Filatova speaks at home. - After the first heavy rain us will flood".

"In my house only windows постеклили, - рассаказывает the pensioner Nikolay Pushchenko. - The ceiling is broken by a shell, on crack walls. To complain I don't go, far after all, and the commission told nothing. I asked for glaziers some boards to bring. I want to hammer a floor in a corridor, and that I stumble".


In the Lozovsky gymnasium and school No. 11 of glass inserted by September 1, but only into one row. Academic year began solemnly and in time. "To us promised new double-glazed windows, - the deputy director of a gymnasium Galina Semko told "Today". - Frames after all повыворачивало the eights, killed them tightly and temporarily glazed.But now told, not to wait for double-glazed windows, and the second row of glasses didn't put. The director goes every day to the City Council, but there are silent. At school it is awfully cold. Children in jackets and caps will study? "



Two houses in Gersevanovskom which completely destroyed, now build anew. One laid out almost to a roof, under the second lay the foundation. "on December 1 we will lease houses turnkey, - расскал "Today" the foreman Andrey Vladimirovich. - With all internal finishing. The area of houses remains former, and here with the consent of owners we changed planning. Rooms will be less, and windows on - to another will settle down. Also we will restore according to the plan all domestic constructions". Builders assured that by December will manage to finish, after all work without days off. The owner of the house under construction Sergey Vorobyov with a family huddles now in a summer kitchen at mother. The man practically doesn't leave from building." I worry about that will be farther, - Sergey Viktorovich speaks. - Anything after all in the house won't be, there are no things even prime necessity and where on it money to take? Our inventory accepted and as property estimated as will compensate, didn't tell. Offensively, in local newspapers write that two dilapidated houses suffered, and to mine and 20 years weren't, itself built". The regional authorities are happy with recovery work, but the disorganized houses standing by a row don't notice. On a question, in how many estimated the damage caused by explosions, to the lozovchena didn't receive the answer.


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