"And to you that, is a pity for 20 UAH? ", - the narcologist asked participants of road accident

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Daily in Nikolaev there is a huge number of road accident. It isn't surprising, after all statistically the quantity of vehicles on city streets for the last years sharply increased.

Not a secret that after any dorozhno - transport incident which happens in the city of Nikolaev, both responsible, and the victim in road accident without fail should visit two addresses.

At first it is necessary "to be noted" in a regional narcological clinic down the street Volodarsky where medical examination for establishment of the fact of the use of psychoactive agent and intoxication degree is conducted.

And then it is necessary to visit establishment down the street Béla where there is an office of registration of road accident of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area - exactly there all documents and the protocols made after road accident, "will collect" in business.

Correspondent "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" it decided to be passed with drivers who got into accident, and to observe process. We made a peculiar journalistic investigation on September 20.

We will remind, this day in the center of Nikolaev within five minutes on one of intersections there were three accidents.

After employees of the State traffic inspectorate documented all three road accidents, we went together with one of participants of incident to a regional narcological clinic.

Procedure of medical examination in an office of examination took no more than 10 minutes. Participants of road accident it is simple "breathed in a tubule" then the doctor who that evening was on watch, filled in the medical examination protocol.

Usual procedure. But as it appeared, it was necessary to pay 20 hryvnias for this procedure.

The doctor on duty - the expert in narcology, without giving the protocol, I demanded money which at the motorist it wasn't simple. It had to return to the car and to borrow this money at the passengers.

Yes, the sum small, here only it is unclear, for what participants of road accident have to pay and where this money will go?

After money appeared in hands at the doctor, that gave "important" (we will return to "importance" of this document a bit later) paper. The motorist asked to issue it the check or the receipt for insurance company, but in reply heard:"We are checks and we don't issue the receipt".

Our correspondent came into an office where expertize was carried out, and asked the doctor on duty to explain, for what money why didn't issue the receipt and where "neuchtenka" will go were taken.

The medic refused to communicate, he didn't call and the name. "I don't want to speak with you", - the doctor declared and left to smoke. His assistant also didn't want to speak about anything. "There is a doctor, here to him and ask questions", - she told.

The doctor on duty returned to this moment in an office of examination and with words "To you that, it is a pity? Here your 20 hryvnias! " I got money from a pocket and I asked to leave an office.

Interestingly it turns out. If to assume that in the city daily there are 20 accidents, on medical inspection to a clinic there come at least 40 participants of road accident, and earnings of the doctor on duty average 800 UAH a day. Yes, it is so possible to work …

The surname of the doctor to us nevertheless managed to be learned: I. A. Polyakov - he showed it to us in the medical inspection protocol later.

And now we will return to the protocol. In it all was filled by rules: both date, and time, and protocol number … But the number of questions nevertheless remains.

Unclear, from where the doctor on duty took data on pulse and arterial pressure of the participant of road accident if during inspection neither that, nor another wasn't measured.

Or perhaps both pulse, and arterial pressure it is possible to measure "approximately", what probably and I. Polyakov made?

The following question - what to do is farther with this "useless scrap of paper"? Why then in general these protocols if they become "anyhow" are necessary?

In the same evening we managed to communicate to one driver who a few days ago visited an examination office. And after conversation with it we understood, what not everything is so bad and not all medics demand money.

He told that in its case on change there were elderly women who conducted full examination and for it as it appeared, he hadn't to pay kopeks!


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