Judge the driver of the "jeep" which has killed the girl. To the judge it is ridiculous … It is already paid?

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In April of this year Kiyevo - the Svyatoshinsky regional court of the capital started considering case 42 - summer Vadim Lopachuk. Last year on November 21 it brought down "jeep" of three schoolgirls. Diana Krishtal, 7 years, was lost, and sisters 7 - summer Yana and 13 - summer Yulia Dvorniki were injured. Mother of girls: "Eyewitnesses wanted to break off it on pieces. But we insisted that everything was under the law. Now we regret. It is visible that court bribed".

Eyewitnesses wanted to break off it on pieces, - mother of girlssighs before meetingNatalia Dvornik, 34 years.- But we insisted that everything was under the law. Now we regret. It is visible that court bribed. To the first meeting us at all didn't invite.

Lopachuk a sort from Dnepropetrovsk. With the wife and two daughters I lived in own apartment in Kiev. I worked as the director of society" Borodyansky excavator". In the morning that day I went from the village the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka to the capital. Krishtal crossed the road on the crosswalk. Yard keepers went on a roadside, them rejected in blow. Diana died on hands at the father at the place of accident.

For traffic violation of the rules which entailed death, to the man threatens till 8 years of imprisonment. At the previous meeting it didn't admit guilt. His lawyer assured: the car went with a speed of 20 km/h. I brought down children because to it created obstacles other cars.

- The father Dianochki turned white when I heard the such, - Natalia Dvornik remembers. - It all saw. The road was pure. The girl passed a crosswalk half, and here at a mad speed flew that jeep.

The wife Irina Lopachuk came to support Vadim. The woman quietly listens, props up a chin a hand. Two men sit next.

- Rupture of a spleen, hemorrhage in roots of lungs, in a liver, adrenal cellulose, a heart ventricle, - the deputy regional prosecutor will read, what injuries entailed Diana's death.

29- summer Lilia Krishtal starts shivering and crying. Tears wipes it 35 - the summer husband Vitaly. Yard keepers sit next.

When will read to charge, the judge Vladislav Lysenko yawns. Laughs when reads addresses of witnesses. " In documents one street is written with a ridiculous mistake", - explains. Expels from a hall of the journalist which Lopachuka wants to photograph.

Yard keepers demand 600 thousand hryvnias of moral and material compensation, Krishtal - 1,5 million.

- Tell in what your moral damage specifically consists? - the judge of parents of the lost girl asks again.

Diana's parents for excitements can't speak. Long are silent, sigh, wipe tears.

- We lost the only child, - the man silently speaks. - It can't be measured in hryvnias.

- My daughters still need to be treated, - Natalia Dvornik adds. - Both are hurt still by the head, the psychologist works with them. Younger Yana in some years needs to do operation - to correct the pressed nose.

Irina Lopachuk with astonishment looks at men who sit next. Those smiles support the woman.

- Earlier Lopachuk got out, and here suddenly started admitting guilt, - the lawyer of victims Vitaly Gordiyenko speaks. - Obviously, I employed the new defender. That explained that the repentance is a facilitating circumstance. Then for drivers who force down people, give only three years. Conditional term, without the conclusion is possible.

The judge appoints date of the following hearing.

- Everything is normal, to three, - the man who sat near Irina Lopachuk answers on mobile.

According to victims, to court Lopachuk's relatives didn't apologize and didn't offer the help.

- Now ridiculously to hear about repentance, - Natalia Dvornik speaks напослед ok. - Lopachuk says lies. In December to us home came his wife with the godfather Ruslan Orlyuk. Made scandal. The pier, New year on a nose, and Vadim from - for us in SIZ O sits. Anybody and kopeks didn't give on treatment of our daughters. And in five months listed 20 thousand hryvnias. Without explanations or apologies, as tip. We didn't take that money.

Some months prior to court Irina Lopachuk talked and to Lilia Krishtal.

- I told if Vadim sits down, her children remain without the future, - the woman remembers. It pale, in black clothes and a scarf. Constantly cries and looks on mobile where the picture which was painted by her daughter is photographed. - And we in it will be guilty. And for us already exists nothing, except memories of Dianochka. We cry day and night... I am ill, isn't sure that I will give rise still.

Krishtali a sort from Vinnitchina. In Kiev over 10 years work, rent housing in Zhulyana's suburban village. Lily - the progressman in" Metrostry", Vitaly - the adjuster at station technical about


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