In Service of rapid response of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies continue to consider the current roofs and to listen to complaints to work of "Ekotrans"

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Carried by over Nikolayev yesterday heavy rain much didn't allow to fall asleep quietly.

Since the evening, and practically all night long in Service of rapid response calls from citizens in which houses roofs flow arrived. Therefore to the list from 70 current roofs which on calls is formed specialists of service, at least 10 more addresses were added. It is clear that to eliminate "roof problems" to specialists of Service not in power is a lot of work which in a day doesn't become and for which performance funds from the city budget have to be allocated.

However, and without roofs nikolayevets had enough problems with the heavy rain. So, on Parkovaya St. crossing and so forth. October there was a blackout from - for problems to a cable, without light it was necessary to sit and Varvarovki's most part. On crossing of streets of Dahl and Skorokhodov the tree which damaged a power line fell. Specialists of MARS group dragged a tree, and here other services were engaged in restoration of power supply.

It wasn't lucky inhabitants of cases 4 and 5 on Dzerzhinsky St., 107-as to TP departmental, ZhEK "Budivelnik" of access to it has no, so, can't independently return light to apartments.

Calls to Service of rapid response started arriving and from inhabitants of the Alluvium who it is better than others on itself experienced the beginning of work of "Ekotrans". And, as by experience the staff of Service speaks, it is only the beginning - "a sunflower seed only went".

But not everything is so bad in the city - it is possible to tell and about elimination of some problems which arose at citizens.

So, at last - that appeared water supply in the house on Kosmonavtov St., 128. From - for accidents inhabitants of this house lived more than a week without water which returned to their apartments on October 3 after elimination of accident by "Nikolayevvodokanal".

Slightly more residents of the house were lucky down the street Lenina, 265 where on one strut I was gas supply is disconnected. Gas shutdown was on October 3 emergency, but "the blue spark" returned already next day.


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