GAI asks drivers to be more attentive on roads - at schools of Nikolaev soon vacation

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The C beginnings of year in the Nikolaev area occurred 61 dorozhno - transport incident in which 67 minors were traumatized, and 4 children lost life, reports a press - service GAI in the Nikolaev area.

The statistics shows that with approach of vacation the number dorozhno - transport incidents with participation of young pedestrians increases. It can find some objective reasons. The majority of children the whole day are on the street. Therefore young cyclists, mopedist join a transport stream. Not always our children correctly choose a place for outdoor games: in soccer, volleyball. Often it is possible to observe hazardous players and their grateful audience in dangerous proximity to the road.

Certainly, children behave on the road thoughtlessly. But, dear adults, think, looking at the child dashingly slipping between a steam of cars, - whether display it our behavior? Whether we, ignoring requirements of elementary rules of safe behavior on the road, subconsciously we push children on unjustified risk?
Some can tell: "It doesn't concern me, after all I don't violate traffic regulations". But who from you can brag of what he helped the child to cross the road, stopped the little violator trying to cross the road on a red signal of the traffic light?

From you it is required a little: crossing the street, warn children against carelessness. You give examples. And examples such - a set. Children are very impressionable and your diligence leave in their consciousness and will seed in soul attentiveness and care traces. Thereby you will secure young life against tragedies.

In turn, the State traffic inspectorate addresses to drivers. If you see a congestion of children near the carriageway, it is better to reduce speed and to show an attention maximum to a road situation. But each of us has to remember that the most important - to convince the child that observance of elementary rules of behavior on the carriageway - isn't simple law-abiding. This preservation of their life and health.

That the pedestrian needs to know, in Traffic regulations is located on several pages.It is obliged to understand and acquire purpose of several road signs how to pass the carriageway, what signals of the traffic light or the traffic controler to be guided in the actions. Here practically and all "science". It is possible to seize it in some hours, and any first grader will easily cope with it. The child since the childhood well a sign with bases of safe behavior on the street. But, nevertheless accidents on the road with children everything is occur.

Means, put not only in knowledge of Rules, but also in their strict observance.


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