Yesterday Nikolaev by miracle avoided gas

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Yesterday, in the residential district the Dry Fountain during construction works the excavator punched a ladle a gas pipe of average pressure. There was it around 14.00. On a call on "04" in 13 minutes into place there arrived crew of emergency service of gas and the management of the Spetsstroy firm performing on this site works.

As the shift foreman of emergency service told, state of emergency happened because of the driver of the excavator:

- Well I will tell you? It simply a ladle punched a hole in a gas pipe which was in 80 millimeters from an earth surface. Perhaps simply from imprudence, I don't know. Though in due form to perform similar land works around communication networks including gas, it is necessary very carefully, - in a radius of 3 meters them in general make manually, instead of by means of such equipment, as the excavator.

The master also reported that from - for this accident two two-storey buildings were disconnected from gas, and, despite that closed up a pipe quickly enough, to connect houses back it will turn out only after the firm, according to the accident-prone persons, guilty of state of emergency, will pay a penalty.

Right after it we called back - well to Entin who is the customer of construction on that ill-fated site. It right there disproved all charges in the address, is more exact - to the contractor - firm


- We have permissions to construction works, and on earth isn't present and them anybody and didn't do. Simply the excavator cleaned from the territory garbage - there such blockages that manually not to rake them. And it has on a ladle a tooth - 120 millimeters - here it and hooked on that pipe. But most it is interesting that it simply lay in a grass!

But at once to firm sealed a penalty in the sum of 3 thousand hryvnias, and told that while we won't pay it, they won't connect stayed at home without gas.

But literally in a minute Vadim Entin reported: staff of firm proved the innocence in "Nikolayevgaz", and the 3 thousand hryvnias of damage called earlier won't pay.

However another became clear in the morning.The deputy chief engineer of the management of operation of gas economy (MOGE) Anatoly Yavorsky told the following:

- We warned the customer of construction about need of transfer of the gas pipeline which has got to a spot of building even earlier, and we can document it. But who listened to us? They, preparing a platform under construction (on a place of the former joiner's shop), removed a layer of earth and thus hooked on our gas pipeline. Now it is at a depth of 30 centimeters from the earth though all gas pipes, according to Safety rules of system of gas supply for Ukraine - items 4.3.15, have to lie at a depth not less than 80 centimeters.

And while responsible for yesterday's accident won't pay us leakage of gas, losses in gas-system are about 480 hryvnias, and about 3 thousand of our work on gas pipeline restoration. By the way, I don't know how to you yesterday could tell about a penalty in 3 thousand hryvnias if I saw calculations for gas pipeline restoration only this morning?

Yes, we restore the gas pipeline, but we will give gas only after compensation to us damage. And the contractor even doesn't want to call phones of the customer to us - only a surname told - Entin Vadim Olegovich any there. And after all the customer has to write the letter on transfer of the gas pipeline which got to a building spot! But everything is covered with a gloom.

According to Anatoly Yavorsky, state of emergency with damage of a gas pipe could have much more serious consequences - a gas pipe punched by a bucket of the excavator - the average pressure and if there was an explosion, in a radius of ten meters could fly up in air anything. And even that excavator.

Now from - for this state of emergency in the residential district the Dry Fountain without gas two stay at home three-storyed and two - two-storeyed. Among the inhabitants who have become "hostages" of this state of emergency, there was also a large family, at which six children.


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