Nikolaev Mchsniki "liquidated a fire and a radioactive leak" on the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant

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The other day (on October 15) on the third power unit of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant there took place all-station antiemergency training. Similar doctrines are carried out on YuAES annually. Their purpose - working off of interaction of the personnel of station and service Ministry of Emergency Situations on actions in case of fire or accident emergence.

As the nuclear power plant is one of the most serious industrial facilities of the Nikolaev area, at a fire alarm are involved not only the object fire brigade arriving to the center of ignition in 2 minutes, but also city, regional and regional forces in the radius of 30 km of a zone.

According to the scenario of doctrines there was an ignition of transformer station of the block No. 3. To complicate to participants of doctrines task performance, entered an additional condition: failure of systems of automatic fire extinguishing and radiation exit in environment.

Divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations immediately arrived on a call and started "accident" elimination according to the developed algorithm. All actions of participants of doctrines were carried out in a "fighting" mode. Continuous functioning of rescuers was ensured, rest and food, deactivation and equipment and equipment service is organized. The personnel of YuAES and division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations showed high readiness for actions in a similar situation. Quickly I worked also the YuUAES Internal crisis center, the operational admission of the first operational offices of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was provided, the group of control of a radiation situation and crew of radiation survey effectively carried out an assessment of scales of consequences of emission the radiaktivnykh of substances in environment.

During carrying out doctrines in practice реализировались some additional introduction - working off of actions in conditionally night-time with use of means of lighting, elimination of break of the pipeline of a fire hydrant.

Also actions on rescue conditionally injured in accident were fulfilled. It found during investigation of the seat of fire near the power unit. From - for temperature influence of a design of the room fell upon the worker. GPCh-22 staff with the help the crane - beams, a hydra and the petroltool released "victim".It was given pre-medical help and delivered in medical institution.

Over 100 fighters took part in practical training from pozharno - the saving divisions which are a part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations summary group, the staff of the enterprises and the organizations serving object. 20 units of fire and special equipment were involved.

According to the head of tactical maneuvers of the deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area Valery Semenov, successful working off of an objective on the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant - technologically difficult object - testifies to readiness of service for different elimination of emergency situations.


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