In Zhitomirshchina the truck killed 11 people. Such large road accidents in Ukraine weren't more than a year

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Epidemic of large road accidents on the Ukrainian roads proceeds. On the eve of days off in the evening in Zhitomir area near Veresa's village on the route Kiev - PSF the empty truck with the trailer crumpled in a flat cake a minibus "Exactly - Kiev" with 10-ю passengers. Everything were lost, except the truck driver. So many death weren't more than a year! Yesterday in the Rovno area in the homeland of most of the dead the mourning was declared.

"The driver of a minibus, according to our information, didn't violate rules. On its strip the counter truck with the trailer left. On this site of the road it was impossible to do it, there were a prohibition sign and a marking. To leave here on the counter - means to die. The truck and minibus met "head-on", in the minibus from blow broke all seats", - the representative told "Today" a press - services облГАИ Nikolay Yatskevich.

"Early in the morning on Saturday I with the husband went by the place of accident. Also I was struck dumb! On the route hands, feet were scattered! Things, man's shoes rolled, and in a ditch the trailer from the truck got stuck... At us here passes many trucks. Last year the truck brought down 10 - the summer boy. All say that one youth this time was lost, there is a wish to sob... ", - hardly constraining tears, the local resident Valentina told us.

"All passengers and the driver literally processed, 8 men and 3 women were lost, among them there was one family - the husband with the wife", - the deputy chief of a staff of the help told "Today" to relatives of victims Igor Orlov. The girl who the other day had to marry was lost also. "Already everything was prepared for a wedding. I heard that her will bury in a snow-white dress which was bought on a celebration... Three passengers were a sort from Kiev region, eight - from Rovno. To take bodies of victims from a mortuary to relatives, in coffins filled an artificial ice", - he adds.

The only driver who has survived in road accident of the truck, the citizen of the republic Bosnia and Gertsogovina Mashek Zafer was traumatized a stomach. It is in reanimation and while, according to doctors, can't give the evidence.

MAY of the BROKEN MINIBUSES. Mai became "black" for the Ukrainian roads and minibuses. On the same Zhitomirskaya Route the minibus turned over from - that her driver didn't manage to drive. One person was lost, and six got to hospital. In Donetsk region the minibus faced an automobile car. 4 died at the place of accident. The reason of GAI called that the driver of VAZ left on an oncoming lane where faced the minibus. In Kiev region the foreign car crashed into a minibus. Three people were lost.

The most large-scale accident happened in April, 2007 in Hmelnitsky area - the minibus with 12-тью people faced truck. All passengers and the driver were lost.

NEAR KIEV the CAR BEAT OUT the MINIBUS IN the DITCH. Yesterday serious road accident in which two persons died, happened near Kiev. Eyewitnesses on the Internet shared the whole day awful impressions: "I went home in a minibus I saw the accident, three "fast" went on Butts and still a corpse! ". One more eyewitness reported that a minibeads from blow threw out in a ditch, and on the route scattered parts of human ph. But the chief a press - services regional the Interior Minister Nikolay Zhukovich reported "Today" that any bodies on the route wasn't scattered.

"On Obukhovskaya Route Nissan, violating rules, it was developed and I didn't pass a Mersedes minibeads - there was a collision. The minibus took off for a ditch. The driver of a foreign car died on the spot, the driver of the minibus died in Obukhovsky hospital. Three persons - passengers минибуса" were traumatized.


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