German voyage of MBK "Nikolaev": in Frankfurt the repeated match of draw of Euro cup

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In anticipation of a return match of the first selection round of a cup of FIBA "Evrochellendzh" the rival of MBK "Nikolaev" German "Deutsche Bank of Skaylayners" suffered losses. To a platform there is no one of leaders of team 111-kilogram American heavy forward Lorenzo Gordon who in Nikolaev gathered 14 points. At it the serious injury of a shoulder, probably, is necessary to Gordon operation. Also "Skaylayners" the beginner of team center Greg Jenkins who has the right to appear on a platform only from the second selection round won't be able to help.

Meanwhile, the head coach of "flying" Germans Turk Murat Didin on the eve of a return match with MBK "Nikolaev" stated in the German press of fear concerning its outcome:

- Game will be very difficult. At MBK "Nikolaev" is some good big players and snipers. If we allow them as on Saturday in the lost match with "Goettingen", to do many selections, it is necessary to us very difficult.

By the way, the German press, in particular, "Frankfurt to the algemayena цайтунг" in reports on performance of "Skaylayners" in Nikolaev very colourfully pictured prolonged travel of team to Ukraine. Fortunately, MBK "Nikolaev" reached to Germany without adventures. It is a pity that as a part of MBK "Nikolaev" still there is no Leonida Jailo. Only the victory with a difference in 8 points could guarantee to nikolayevets further performance in Euro cup.


"Скайлайнерс" (Germany, Frankfurt) - MBK "Nikolaev" -
76:70 (25:16, 22:18, 11:20, 18:16) on October 21.Frankfurt, "Ballshportkhalle", 500 viewers
Productivity (points/minutes in game)
di Mello19Silkovsky210
Head coach Murat DidinHead coach Vladimir Fields
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges: Christ Mastraftsis (Greece), Ronnie Denis (Belgium), Tomasz Traviki (Poland).

Colourful show before a match in 5-thousand "Balleshportkhalle" was welcomed by few viewers. Nevertheless owners of a platform pleased local fans with successful start - 4:0, 15:5. Nikolayevtsa snapped already in an ending of the first quarter - 25:16 a little.

And in the second undertook the real pursuit. Hlebovitski brought the series of tryulnik without miss to four hits, Gladyr, Gilevich and Onufriyev helped it from an average distance. And here already on a board - 36:34! Yes only owners of a platform didn't allow to clear up to passions. Before a big break they didn't regret forces on long breakthrough - 47:34.

Nikolayevets seemingly finally accustomed to the third period, started playing the game in attack, thus successfully counteracting the rival and in protection. With distant throws Gladyr every other time pleased, and Gilevich, Hlebovitski, Uilkinz did the part under boards. 58:54, and some hopes for "banquet continuation".

At the beginning of a final quarter it was difficult to understand, why so slowly develop events and a coma it is one hand more. It appeared - to "bankers". Frankfurttsa preferred not to risk in an ending the reached advantage, a ball played to the true. Couple of tryulnik from Gladyrya and Hlebovitski threatened prospect of their exit in the following circle of a Cup of "Evrochellendzh" as the Scooter and Robinson returned the favor a little. And advantage in fight for a rebound provided "Skaylaynerzam" rather comfortable end of acquaintance to team from the city of Nikolaev.


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