For the past weekend in the territory of the Nikolaev area there were 6 fires which carried away lives of two people

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Cigarette, mattress and vodka bottle - a dangerous combination which in most cases leads to a fire. It is very dangerous to smoke, lying in a bed, especially in a state of intoxication. In this case the person quite often falls asleep, and a burning cigarette, having got on a bed, leads to a fire. As a rule, in this case everything comes to an end with death of smokers or lead to heavy injuries.

For the past weekend - on October 25 and 26 - in the territory of the Nikolaev area there were 6 fires which carried away lives of two people. On October 26 there was a fire in the settlement of Aleksandrovka of Voznesensky of the area in a private house. To arrival of the first firefighters of divisions from windows of the house tongues of flame escaped. As a result, fire damaged overlappings, windows and house doors. The fire area made 20 sq.m., the damage made 71 thousand hryvnias. On a fire the summer owner was lost 60-ти.

On October 25 the fire equipment of the city of Pervomaisk went to Uritsky Street on a disturbing call. According to the message in a rescue service the house burned. The smell of a smoke was felt by neighbors. First they independently tried to put out fire, having broken out and окрыв doors. But made worse - from - for an air flow fire inflamed even more strongly. To liquidate fire rescuers from - for strong smoke had enough in special devices. According to neighbors, 61 - the summer victim often abused alcohol.

"Recently the unfortunate trend on mortality on fires of a certain category of persons is observed, - the deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area notes, - in area weekly on fire 2-3 citizens, so-called "groups of risk" perish. Here we meet certain difficulties in questions of prevention of similar situations as such category of persons isn't interested in mass media through which we conduct explanatory work and don't take part in the skhodkakh градажан with inspectors of the state fire supervision. "


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