In Nikolaev from - for repair work тепловиков motor transport travels about green zones

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From - for repair of the heating main belonging to the Nikolaev combined heat and power plant, at the intersection of streets of Chigrin and Civil drivers of motor transport laid new "route" - through the green zone dividing two lanes in this area.

Automobile and lorries, reducing speed before the huge hole at this intersection to continue a way were compelled to turn simply on the boulevard. The matter is that before a hole the only sign was established - "earthwork", and here the sign "detour" was absent at all. It was possible so to go round the dug-up ditch only two ways - or on the sidewalk, or - through the boulevard, - cars with wings in our city it wasn't observed yet.

After a call to a press - service of the Nikolaev combined heat and power plant it became known that тепловики were compelled to dig up the street from - that the day before, during a purge of pipes, on the heating main located in that area, fistula was formed, however today accident is eliminated. And on a question why still the ditch there gapes, and cars go on a green zone, answered that until the end of day everything will be given to a former look.

The chairman of the constant deputy commission on questions housing and communal services and city improvement Victor Burov on our request to clear a situation contacted the head of department of environmental protection of housing and communal services Department Tamara Bakurskaya as the structure headed by it is the asset holder of a green zone on which drivers forcedly laid new "route".

Surprisingly: by that moment as Tamara Bakurskaya left into place, as she said, before a hole the road sign "journey was established forbidden" which since morning there and wasn't close.

- At combined heat and power plant promised to send there employees of GAI which would regulate movement, - Bakurskaya told, - and here as for a green zone - we will understand. Someone has to be responsible for that it for so short time I managed to break motor transport.


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