Sovetskaya Street - for pedestrians!

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Not seldom on way of pedestrians which walk families in the heart of our city - down the street Soviet, there are various artificial obstacles. That inadvertently we will mention by a hand the cars parked near any bar, a bag leaving shop, we will be hooked for a car pocket mirror...

And after all Soviet is a foot zone on which there shouldn't go cars. Unfortunately, drivers know about it, but, wishing to keep some minutes, allow to approach under the porch. More disciplined leave the cars in the yards, thereby, creating inconveniences for residents.

All nikolayevets know that down the street Soviet it is forbidden to go, except cars which bring goods to shops and on driving up on Soviet for this purpose to the necessary shop the driver has to have at himself the corresponding permission. But the impression is made that soon vehicles will force out citizens from this part of the city. Many simply feel sorry for couple of hryvnias to give for a parking and to walk on foot to a desirable place, thereby dissecting down the street and dispersing vacationers in different directions.

In turn, the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area is very concerned by such violation of the rules of traffic. Inspectors of traffic police daily serve on this street.

So, only from May 19 to May 26 the staff of GAI revealed and stopped on Sovetskaya Street of 94 violations of the rules of traffic, from them 60 facts of violations of the rules of a stop and parking, 13 facts - violations of the rules of journey of crosswalks, 7 violations of the rules of journey of intersections, 4 - emergency creations.

As a result, 3 cars were put on a shtrafploshchadka.

Don't lag behind motorists and drivers of motor-transport. So, for last week 5 violations of the rules of traffic were revealed by drivers of this category.
We will hope that our drivers will soon think not only of themselves, but also will remember other people who also want to walk in the downtown, but already on foot.


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