The Nikolaev regional hospital returned to life of the juvenile child who got under the train

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Everything on light has the beginning and the end. It is regularity of our terrestrial life which, by the way, also has ability to come to an end. However one business when really there came your mortal time, and absolutely another when the negligence approaches this moment.

In the autumn evening, near Travel of 44 Km station of the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area, there was no tragedy nearly. Eighteen-year-old mother of two children (to one child there are 4 months, and to the second - 1 year 10 months) left children at home, under supervision of the minor relative, and itself went to station to meet mother who had to arrive by train "Nikolaev — Kakhovka". About it reports Sector of public relations of LU on the Odessa railroad of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on railway transport.

To station there were to go only 5 minutes. But the minor nurse didn't see for children, and the boy left the house and went to look for mother. As the small child got out on an embankment and got on railroad tracks it is known only to God. The track passes near their house almost in 20-ти meters. At this time on station the diesel - the train came. The driver, having seen the child on ways of the multiton train, I applied emergency braking, however it didn't help - "collision with the child" didn't manage to be avoided.

The boy with serious injuries hospitalized in the Nikolaev regional children's hospital.

The kid delivered to the intensive care unit with heavy cherepno - a brain trauma, heavy injuries of feet, a bruise of a thorax and the right lung. Doctors fought five days for life of the child, chances almost weren't. But the boy, without looking on anything, I started breathing independently and to recover. Business all that up to this point it was connected to the medical ventilator.

Now physicians do everything possible that the child survived and didn't become the disabled person.


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