Road accident in the Wide beam: the drunk driver crashed into the minibus filled with passengers

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Yesterday, on November 11, in the Wide beam there was a road accident. At 19.00 on Oktyabrsky Avenue before a stop "Cross" two share taxis - the minibus "Gazelle" and the minibus "Mercedes" faced. Fortunately, in accident nobody suffered.

Responsible for road accident was the driver of "Gazelle" who, being in strongly drunk state, didn't manage to drive and crashed into vperedistoyashchy "Mercedes". After that the driver of "Gazelle", probably, trying to disappear from a scene, I turned out a wheel and... I crashed into the next tree.

As a result of road accident "Gazelle" was strongly damaged - at the car the cowl was completely broken, wheels, etc. are turned out. The driver and his companion who was in the car, didn't suffer. The friend of the drunk driver even showed unprecedented daring - after accident it opened a door and escaped in the unknown direction, it wasn't succeeded to find it.

The driver, reeling, with a smile I got out of the broken car, and I tried to explain the behavior - I worked at a route in the morning, then I met friends - truckers, cut for a meeting, wine - vodka - a shish kebab and so on. Why it took the wheel in an alcohol intoxication, the driver explained simply: to the friend with whom drank, it was necessary home in October, here he and volunteered to bring him. It seems that a drunk marshrutchik at all I didn't confuse that fact that from - for his behavior people - in salon of "Mercedes" into which it crashed could suffer, there were passengers.

Moreover, at all without being conscience-stricken, he even tried to start acquaintance to the employee of GAI which has arrived to the place of accident, unambiguously hinting it at option of development of the relations.

As for the driver of "Mercedes", he also moved itself(himself) quite strange. Having refused to talk to the staff of GAI, it reported the accident to the owner of the car. The car owner quickly arrived to the place of accident and personally communicated to GAI officers. He reported that usually "Mercedes" serves passengers on a route No. 12, however this evening the driver of the car didn't work. That at the time of accident in salon of the minibus there were people, the owner modestly held back.Possibly, it was connected with that to drivers who work in the sphere of passenger traffic, "gets" for any road accident into which they get even if it happened not on their fault.

And here that threatens the driver of "Gazelle" who has taken the "tipsy" wheel, will establish court soon. However, he was lucky that this road accident happened not after November 17 when penalties for drink driving will reach 3 thousand UAH


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