The chief GAI officer of the Nikolaev area urged the management of firms - to toughen carriers requirements to discipline of the drivers

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The enterprises haulers before participating in tenders for routes, have to resolve issues of a garazhirovaniye of vehicles which will serve these routes. It at a meeting with representatives of the enterprises of haulers of the Nikolaev area was declared today by the head of department Gosavtoinspektsii in the Nikolaev area Oleg Tonkantsov. He emphasized that it is just necessary to bring an order with discipline of drivers.

O. Tonkantsov considers that if the car works at a route, the management of firms - haulers is obliged to know when and where this car to be. Drivers shouldn't ride after completion of change these cars where to them will take in head, and these cars have to stand on autoenterprise parking - he is convinced the head of department Gosavtoinspektsii in the Nikolaev area can't.

It explained on what his opinion is based and gave an example of road accident which happened yesterday.

"The TFT car - "Gazelle" who works on a route No. 20, on Oktyabyrsky Avenue, allowed collision with the minibus "Mercedes". The driver of "Gazelle" was drunk. As a result of road accident, leaving to the right, forces down a tree and breaks the car. His passenger leaves the car blocks gas, takes away the folder with documents and leaves. There comes the staff of GAI and asks: It on a route? No! So why рн goes by this car? ", - O. Tonkantsov was indignant.

"The driver has to know that when he takes the car - it under control when puts the car - it under control. Here then we will have no such situations", - the head of department Gosavtoinspektsii in the Nikolaev area declared.

O. Tonkantsov considers that it is impossible to disregard these questions. It is good that yesterday did without victims. Proceeding from it, on increase of discipline of drivers it isn't necessary to be sorry neither forces, nor means, after all human life can't be estimated financially.


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