2 fires with frequency practically left at 1,5 o'clock

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Every year the winter becomes the strict examiner for careless business executives and house owners, and shows demand on the highest level. What danger traps us in the oseena - the winter period?

Furnaces on - former are one of the main sources of heat, both in private houses, and in residential and public buildings of the cities and villages. Unfortunately, not always furnaces in our houses meet the requirements of fire safety which become the reason of numerous fires. To trouble most often lead the wrong device of furnaces and violation of the rules of their operation. About it reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

So, on November 12 at once 2 fires with frequency practically left at 1,5 o'clock without roof over the head of inhabitants of the Vradiyevsky area. The first, house overlapping in Syrovo's village lit up at 16.40. Owners noticed in time a beginning fire and reported on the 01 panel. Right there began to extinguish fire by own efforts. The fire area made only 1 square meter.

In the second case it wasn't succeeded to do without serious material consequences. At 18.40 the house roof down the street Youth villages New Nikolaev flashed, as a candle. Before arrival of fire divisions owners, than could and as could, rescued a house roof. As it appeared, the attic was up to the top filled about 2 tons with bales with straw.

Both fires it was possible to avoid if furnaces and flues were checked and repaired in time.

What main requirements to heating furnaces?

The furnace shouldn't have cracks. Track that doors of a fire chamber were serviceable and I blew. On a combustible floor under a fire chamber it is necessary to beat a metal leaf the sizes of 50х70 cm. It is forbidden to mount the furnace closely to combustible designs of rooms. In this case spaces here are provided. The flue within a garret needs to be executed from a red clay brick, to plaster and whitewash. To clear flues and furnaces of soot follows before a heating season (and also at least once in three months).

It is strictly forbidden:

- to leave burning furnaces without supervision, and also to charge supervision of them to juvenile children;

- to apply gasoline, kerosene to ignition of furnaces and


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