KP "Aesthetics Bureau" announced competition of social advertizing

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Municipal the "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" enterprises announced competition of social advertizing among advertizing agencies and designers of Nikolaev, and also among those who beautifully draws Design web of sites. It became known of it at public hearings which took place today, on November 14.

Within competition it is offered to develop models of social advertizing in the following directions:


- homeless children;

- adoption of children;

- addictions of future parents;

- don't kill life! (against abortions).


- adverse effect of alcohol and smoking;

- AIDS (on December 1 - Day of fight against AIDS);

- save life - become the donor.


- we will keep the nature for descendants!

- against garbage dumps;

- against poaching;

- city gardening.

4. GAI:

- children on the road;

- in due time pass control WITH;

- speed excess - life threat;


- respect for architecture monuments;

- don't trifle life! (against vandalism);

- and your child knows history of Nikolaev? (museums);

- art - is eternal! (galleries, exhibitions);

- don't destroy itself in the opinion of society (against foul language);

- great holidays (Christmas, Easter).


- live in reality! (against excessive hobby for computer games);

- adverse effect of slot machines.


- holidays (Victory Day, Day of defenders of Fatherland);

- heroic feat - an example for descendants (Olshantsa, Shura Kober and Vitya Homenko, liquidators of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station);

- like the native country!

- don't go abroad - you are necessary to the country!

For participation in competition it is necessary to send the model in the.jpg format with the indication of advertizing agency and contact phone of agency, for designers - a surname, a name and own contact phones. Models with a contact information need to be directed or on e-mail "Aesthetics Bureau" -, or on the digital carrier directly in KP "Bureau of an esthetics of an urban environment to the address: Nikolaev, Potemkinskaya St., 51 (crossing with Dekabristov Street).

Models will be published on the enterprise website 8 March 2014 23:09-

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