On repair of heating mains 10 million UAH a year

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In a year on repair of heating mains of Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant open joint stock company about 10 million UAH are necessary on the average. But really accustoms 5 times less.

The director general of the Nikolaev combined heat and power plant Alexander Shevchenko notes that in the city budget neither it, nor the next year funds for repair of heating mains aren't put.

According to him, city heating mains need investments, though are in working order: "From the state on these purposes of any subventions doesn't arrive. Our internal resources also don't allow to carry out the necessary works. One of possible ways - increase of tariffs. But they are now quite proved economically and adequate. In the future tariffs for heat will depend on gas cost".

In 2008 repair of heating mains for the sum about 2 million UAH

is made

Now heating main repair on crossing of streets Garden and Chigrina comes to the end. According to Alexander Vasilyevich, it there was a planned repair. Yesterday in the morning the houses connected to this heating main, were disconnected from a heat supply, and after a dinner them already connected back. In the next few days the road засыпят, and transport will be able freely to go.

Soon repairs of heating mains aren't provided if there is no accident anywhere.


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