The Nikolaev divers look for the Odessa students who went to go boating and were missing

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Divers and rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations look for in the water area of the Black Sea of two Odessa students which went this morning on sea walk and were missing.

As the chief specialist on management public relations on emergency situations in Odessa region Lidiya Yankovskaya, about 4 mornings students - pevrokursnik of the Odessa state university, a teachers training university and polytechnical university stole around a beach "Lanzheron" an inflatable boat and took on it to the open sea.

"At 7:30 the boat was found by frontier guards, and on it there was no tube for an air rating. One guy escaped and independently reached the coast, the destiny of other guy and the girl is unknown", - reported the official.

According to her, now from Rybakovk's settlement of the Nikolaev area to a place of the estimated tragedy of profit of 10 divers and 2 saving boats who look for the gone students. The escaped teenager is at home and while refuses to tell something about the incident.
"Allegedly, young people were in the alcohol intoxication, however the survived teenager stays in a state of shock, and we wait when he will be able though something to tell", - Lidiya Yankovskaya noted.

On her words, mother of one of the gone children about midnight called the son on the mobile phone, and that promised soon to be at home. However at 3:30 the subscriber already was out of a reach zone.


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