With increase in the sum of penalties drivers became more attentive on roads

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Yesterday, on November 21, the staff of GAI saw off planned quickly - preventive working off of the city of Nikolaev. On all districts of the city on most abnormally - dangerous sites GAI posts were placed, all 21 dresses were directed on working off. In usual days around the city works from 9 to 11 such dresses.

One of inspectors dorozhno - patrol service which accepted participation in working off, told that generally violate rules of journey of intersections. Also the violation of the rules of parking and journey belong to the most frequent violations on the forbidden signal of the traffic light.

As it was already reported, according to the new legislation which has come into force since November 17 of this year, the sum of penalties considerably increased. Now for violation of the rules of journey of intersections the penalty from 425 to 510 UAH is raised, and for violation of the rules of parking it is possible "to fly" on a penalty from 255 to 340 UAH

Almost all inspectors of GAI claim that with increase in the sum of penalties the quantity of violations of the rules of traffic as drivers became much more careful on roads considerably decreased.

And drivers note that with increase in penalties began to go much more carefully. "Behavior on the road I change, try to be more attentive and careful when I am at a car wheel, and as for penalties a little, I think that it is very necessary measure, maybe, though so to decrease the number of accidents on roads", - was told by one of drivers, 26 - summer Dmitry whom stopped for journey on a yellow signal of the traffic light.

Dmitry is the inhabitant of the Dnepropetrovsk area therefore was a little inattentive on the road and didn't notice a yellow signal of the traffic light as looked at road signs (in Nikolaev it was for the first time). The driver understood the mistake, but was late - to him the resolution on the minimum sum of a penalty - 425 UAH

was taken out

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