Weather cataclysms spoiled Wick - энд both to city municipal services, and certain citizens

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The wind, the rain passing into a sleet, spoiled last Wick - энд both to city municipal services, and certain citizens.

Since November 22 and on 24-е inclusive, the squally wind tumbled down in the city of 15 trees. 11 trunks cleaned by Monday, 24 - му November, the others - this day.

About a half of the rapid response of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies second in service 088 the message with Mira Ave., 23-arrived. There the tree fell to windows 2-го a floor. Glasses remained are whole, the trunk was removed and sawn safely by employees of MARS.

It wasn't so lucky the inhabitant of one of apartments of the neighboring house - No. 21 on the same Mira ((ZhSK «gigant» ")) Ave. Near the building taking the whole quarter, namely - at Victory Square where trade booths, there was a similar state of emergency. It is necessary to tell that to malls from substation electrocables are stretched.

The falling tree hung on these wires, and the same time didn't sustain loadings and the ferroconcrete support holding cables. Also I failed directly in a window too 2-го a floor. Having demolished on the road the conditioner and having broken glass.

The support was removed from a window only next day, on Sunday, by the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The hostess of the affected apartment dumbfounded by the events agreed with a delay: already darkened, and on Saturday to cope with an emergency possible it wasn't represented.

However, who will pay to the woman losses - and remains not clear: the house doesn't belong to local councils, and the support isn't on balance neither city power supply networks, nor "Gorsvet".


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