Since the beginning of year inhabitants of the Nikolaev area "found" 1285 explosive subjects

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In service of rescue of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Nikolaev 01 area from gardeners, mushroom pickers, shepherds messages on finds of the explosive subjects which have remained in the earth since the Great Patriotic War constantly arrive. In total since the beginning of year it is revealed the population and it is neutralized by group of special pyrotechnic and diving works abnormally - saving group of a special purpose of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area of 1285 similar subjects - 6 engineering mines, 977 artillery projectiles, 105 mortar mines, 108 grenades, 12 air bombs and 77 other units. In 10 months 2008 hundred thirty eight times of "pyrotechnics" of the Ministry of Emergency Situations left according to demands about finding of mines, shells, grenades and bombs. For all last year there were 123 departures on which 1374 explosive units are neutralized. Courageous acts of the "fireworkers" are behind these dry figures and the facts, after all each subject neutralized by their hands is hidden killing iron.

The war echo even more often awakes rest with arrival of fall. People continue to find shells and ammunition of times of the Second World War the meeting with which can be fatal. It is necessary to remember that is strictly forbidden:

- to use the unfamiliar subjects found on a place of work;

- to get moving forward, roll explosive subjects from place to place, to take in hand;

- to strike one ammunition about another or to beat any subjects of the case and a detonator;

- to lift to transfer, put in pockets, portfolios, bags, etc.;

- to place ammunition in a fire or to make fire over them;

- to collect and hand over ammunition as scrap metal;

- to dig in to the earth or to throw them into reservoirs;

- to come or run into ammunition;

- to tear off or pull delays departing from subjects or a wire, to make attempts to neutralize them.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area addresses to all citizens. Having found a suspicious find, immediately report about it by 01 or 02 phones.


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