Voznesensky's inhabitants of the area didn't get used to care of the health?

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In October in Voznesensky the area opening 2 points of ambulance. To approach "fast" to the village was an initiative of the regional authorities. The first embodied dreams of the top management Doroshovsky and Pribuzhanovsky rural councils. In Doroshovke - due to the sponsor's help, and in Pribuzhanakh more - for money of the local budget. The last spent for the organization of the round-the-clock watch of physicians in the village about 50 thousand UAH

Improvement of medical care of country people was a main objective of actions. In particular, both the regional authorities, and administration of TsRB achieved more rapid response to calls, after all to some settlements of the area the team of physicians should go 40-50 km. However "fast" I didn't register in villages. Often above-mentioned points are empty. Why so, Voznesenskaya's chief physician of the Central regional hospital Nikolay Gomenyuk explained.

According to him, the service of ambulance doesn't have enough cars. That is ambulance points in the area created, money spent, and here to serve them there is nothing. On norm, the doctor explains, the city and the area require six cars, and at their TsRB of everything five. Besides, one of them often carries patients to Nikolaev, that is remains only four. If there was an emergency and there are victims in a heavy form, they are carried too to the regional center. Still minus one car. It isn't possible to send crews to the village in that case any more. Unprofitably. After all on rural points at most 5 calls per day, and on "03" - 20-25 arrive. When in Pribuzhanakh and Doroshovke people will begin to call physicians till 10-15 times for watch, the car will be in the village constantly and round the clock, the chief physician reported. While in the area, Nikolay Gomenyuk speaks, didn't get used to care yet of the health.

As TsRB will care of it, too it isn't clear. In the conditions of present crisis Voznesensky physicians hardly will receive one more unit of specialized transport, the chief physician reported.

However itself I added that the issue of acquisition of one more car for service of ambulance will be resolved when the quantity of calls will increase by Doroshovsky and Pribuzhanovsky points. But if there anybody isn't present who will accept a call? The following call will be addressed on habitual "03". Also will go "fast" to distant villages again from the city, wasting precious time.


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