Yesterday the Nikolaev Ministries of Emergency Situations extinguished Turist hotel complex

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On November 26 in Turist hotel complex of the city of Nikolaev took place planned garrison pozharno - tactical maneuvers. Their purpose - working off of suppression of fires in buildings of the raised number of storeys, reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

According to the scenario of doctrines|obucheniye |owing to short circuit|zapiraniye |electrical wiring in one of the rooms of the hotel|otel |on 7 - the m a floor arose a fire. The automatic fire alarm system worked. The administration of object phoned about a fire "01". Divisions|podrazdeleniye |The Ministries of Emergency Situations urgently arrived on a call, started to|до |to suppressionto |tusheniye |fire and evacuation of people. During carrying out investigation and the beginning of elimination of a fire flame|полымя |captured all area of number, extended on a corridor and the top floors of hotel|otel |. The total area of a fire made|сдает |66 square meters. To complicate|осложнять |to participants of doctrines|obucheniye |task performance, declared additional introduction: on 7 - m a floor are in the last number two persons, which evacuation|kakikh |it is impossible on stationary staircasesto |kletka |. Rescuers had to find and evacuate them by means of|posredstvo |autoladders|stremyanka |.

On a plan of doctrines|obucheniye |the fire extended|ширит |on balconies on the top floors. During inspection 11-го a floor rescuers found|выявляет |the injury which have injured with signs of a backbone|хребта |. By means of|posredstvo |special stretcher and climbing equipment the victim was successfully evacuated with|с |11-го a floor also it is delivered to|передает || to |to the emergency medical service car.

All actions of participants of doctrines were carried out in a "fighting" mode. By administration of Turist hotel complex were organized the notification about a fire, evacuation of people living in hotel, the hotel building is disconnected, elevators are lowered on the first floor and blocked with the opened doors.The personnel and divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations showed high readiness for actions in a similar situation. About an hour it was required to rescuers to liquidate a conditional fire. 46 fighters took part in practical training pozharno - saving divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and also employees of Turist hotel complex. Also 11 units of fire and special equipment were involved.

According to the head of tactical maneuvers|obucheniye |deputy|zastupnik |the chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area Valery Semenov, fires such are very difficult from - for big|veliky |number of people and multinumber of storeys|buildings. "As a whole, to actions of podrazdeleleniye|podrazdeleniye |services of rescue it is put positive|polozhitelny |assessment. Fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are ready to|до |to performance of the tasks assigned to them|задачи |", - the deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area declared.


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