Special operation "Dangerous freight" yielded results: dangerous freights transported on faulty cars

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For November employees of the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area performed the special operation "Dangerous Freight". The main objective of this operation - identification and suppression of violations in transit dangerous freights and check at drivers of necessary documents for transportation of such freights, reports the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area.

Always it is necessary to remember that substances and subjects which during the transporting, cargo works and storage there can be a cause of explosion, a fire, damages of the vehicle, warehouses, devices, houses and constructions, and also death, traumatizing, poisonings, burns, radiation or a disease of people or animals belong to dangerous freights.

It is worth reminding that in the regional center for Mira Ave.; on Admiralskaya St. (from Pushkinskaya St. to Artileriyskaya St.); on Sportivnaya St.; Artem St. and on Nikolskaya St. (from B. Morskaya St. to Sportivnaya St.) entered movement restrictions for cars which transport dangerous freights. Besides dangerous freights have to is transported by only special vehicles or the vehicles of general purpose intended for this purpose. In the Nikolaev area only 725 such cars are registered. All of them were checked by the staff of GAI within this operation. Each vehicle which is intended for transportation of dangerous freights, is completed with the additional equipment specified in Traffic regulations.

As a result of carrying out operation inspectors of the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area revealed 91 cars which weren't completed properly, besides on 54 technically faulty vehicles transported dangerous freights. As a result on 166 drivers and 20 officials for various violations administrative reports were written out.


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