In the Nikolaev area monthly there are 130 fires

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In the Nikolaev area monthly there are about 130 fires 82% from which drop to inhabited sector. In a month on fires on the average perishes to 10 people. And generally human carelessness, neglect leads to tragic consequences elementary safety rules. It would be desirable to note that for November in area on fires 11 people, from which two - children were lost. Only since the beginning of December in the Nikolaev area already was lost three people.

Important factor for safety and human life preservation at any trouble is the knowledge of rules of behavior in various emergency situations. We want to remind you the main actions during a fire.

In - the first that never it is necessary to do at a fire in the house (apartment):

- to fight against a flame it is independent, without having called firefighters (if you didn't cope with fire for some seconds, its distribution will lead to a heavy fire);

- to leave through the filled with smoke corridor or a ladder (the smoke is very toxic, hot air can burn also lungs);

- to fall on drainpipes and struts, by means of sheets and ropes (if in it there is no most urgent need, falling here without lack of special skills almost always inevitably);

- to jump from a window (since 4-го the floor, every second jump is deadly).

Remember that the message on a fire by phone 01 has to be your first action. Then it is necessary to bring to the street of children and aged. Then to try to put out independently a fire, using make-shifts (water, laundry detergent, dense fabric). At danger of defeat by electric current disconnect the electric power (machine guns in a guard on a landing). Remember that flammable liquids inefficiently to extinguish water. It is best of all to use the fire extinguisher, laundry detergent, and at its absence a wet rag.During a fire it is necessary to refrain from opening of windows and doors for air flow reduction. If in the apartment it is filled strongly with smoke and it isn't possible to liquidate the burning centers by own efforts, immediately leave the apartment, having covered for itself a door. At impossibility of evacuation from the apartment through staircases, use a balcony ladder and if it isn't present, come to a balcony, having closed behind itself densely a door, and try to draw to itself attention of passersby and firefighters. Whenever possible organize a meeting of fire divisions, point to the seat of fire.

If you can't leave the apartment, it is necessary to close windows, but not to lower blinds; to stop up all gaps under doors wet rags; to switch off electricity and to block gas; to prepare the room as "the last shelter" as in it there can be a need; to fill with water a bathtub and other big capacities; to remove curtains as glasses under the influence of heat can burst and fire will easily find on what to be thrown; to remove all subjects which can light up from windows; to pour over a floor and doors water, having lowered thus their temperature.

But you remember the main thing that a fire it is easier to warn, than to extinguish. Therefore observe safety rules and you will be able to avoid trouble.


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