Today in Management of GAI the meeting with striking marshrutchik took place. And that from this it turned out...

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Today, on December 16, in GAI Management in the Nikolaev area the meeting with heads of the enterprises - carriers and drivers - marshrutochnik took place. At this meeting were present not only representatives of GAI, but also representatives of the city power, in particular, the deputy of the Nikolaev mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha.

At the beginning of this meeting the floor was taken by the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the general - the militia major Anatoly Naumenko who urged all to understand quietly in the circumstances, and especially marshrutchik. "I don't want that you were tightened up by those to whom it is necessary, - Anatoly Naumenko declared. - And such information is available for us". The chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine assured all of the Nikolaev area that "that will depend on militia, we will make".

Present at a hall the video with the most widespread violations was shown during passenger traffic around the city, and also frames of accidents in which people were lost because of drivers - marshrutchik are shown. During viewing on back rows among drivers and carriers the laughter and a whispering was heard. It is interesting, what so amused present, frames of accidents? Or these people at all weren't interested in the events in a hall? The thought arises - why in general was to gather here then?.

The meeting which has begun at 15.00, was tightened at two o'clock, but all - after much debate was succeeded to come to the decision which satisfied all parties. It was decided to create special coordination council, on the basis of already existing at which meetings, besides representatives of the city authorities and carriers, there were also representatives of GAI and housing and communal services. Creation of such council which would gather 1-2 times a month, Alexander Zhenzherukha assumed.


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