In Nikolayevshchina covered underground shop on production of products from marble

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The staff of tax police when checking the production room of the business owner of Nikolaev a placement and work established fact of "underground shop" on production from marble of a handrail, window sills and tables.

The exposed production had no permission of local governments to the right of placement and the beginning of work, an expert conclusion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, permissions of Territorial administration of Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, a conclusion state sanitarno - epidemiological service of Ukraine.

In gait of check are withdrawn tovarno - material values for total amount over 130 thousand hryvnias, namely:

- Production equipment: machines for stone sawing, welding machines, "Bulgarians", tables and tools;

- Production raw materials: about 200 sq.m of the marble, over 40 sq.m of artificial marble, 20 sq.m marble "брехчи" (waste), and also about 10 liters of glue;

- Finished goods: handrail, window sills and tables in assortment.

On production 3 workers, with which not issued labor relations worked. According to their explanations, they receive a salary of 1800 hryvnias in "envelopes" for several months with which weren't paid in the budget a tax from the income of citizens and contribution to social funds. About it reports a press - service GNA in the Nikolaev area.

Check by results of which materials will be sent to court as article 164 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses (order violation carrying out economic activity) by which responsibility - penalty imposing from twenty to forty minima of the income of citizens free of taxes with confiscation of made production is provided, instruments of production and raw materials or without such proceeds.


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