From - for yesterday's weather and ice the number of accidents sharply increased in the Nikolaev area

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Last night, on November 18, sharp deterioration of weather conditions became the real test for the Nikolaev drivers. Poor visibility from - for drizzling a small rain and ice on roads led to numerous accidents not only in the city, but also on area, though The state traffic inspectorate warned drivers in such conditions to be driving the most attentive.

So, near Belousovk Voznesensky's village of the region of the Nikolaev area the truck driver, 32 - the summer inhabitant of the neighboring village Doroshovka, didn't manage to drive on the slippery road and moved down in a ditch, having thus crashed into a tree.

Owing to road accident of the driver of the car with the closed fracture of the left forearm and its passenger with concussion of a brain and a bruise of a backbone hospitalized in the Central regional hospital.

One more similar accident that evening happened near the village the Resident of Ulyanovsk of the May Day region of the Nikolaev area. The driver of the car "VAZ-2106", the jobless resident of Pervomaisk, didn't manage to drive and, having moved down in a ditch, crashed into a tree.

The truck driver with a bruise of a thorax and the injured foot, and also his passenger, 21 - the summer inhabitant of Pervomaisk, with a fracture of a hand took to May Day central regional hospital.

Also yesterday it was possible to observe numerous accidents which literally paralyzed movement in the city. That it cost only some accidents on Ingulsky Bridge which created a stopper on Pushkinskaya Street almost to the Pushkin ring.

And on Lenin Avenue the driver of "Gazelle", 31 - the summer inhabitant of the Zhovtnevy area, didn't manage to drive and brought down the local resident, the unemployed of 1970 year of birth. Owing to road accident the woman with closed cherepno - a brain trauma hospitalized in neurosurgery department.

And, unfortunately, it is far not the full list of accidents to which yesterday's weather …


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