For systematic violations of traffic regulations the infamous Nikolaev businessman Raphael Goroyan for 3 months is deprived of the driving license

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As it became known "to Crime. There is", two weeks ago according to the decision of Lenin district court of the city of Nikolaev no infamous Nikolaev businessman Raphael Goroyan who was remembered by the opposition with the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area N. Stoyanov, was deprived of the driving license for 3 months. Such decision was made from - for systematic violations by the businessman of traffic regulations.

It and isn't surprising, after all as it was succeeded to learn, only since the beginning of this year, operating the car "Mersedes S 450" which is registered as "credit" in one of banks, Raphael Vaagnovich managed to break roughly 6 times traffic regulations.

So, on October 11 this year on the citizen Goroyan the protocol according to Art. 1224 - "Emergency creation" was made. For this violation the penalty that 680 to 850 UAH or deprivation of the driving license for a period of 6 months till 1 year is provided.

In additives, Rafaed Goroyan the big fan of a fast driving is too is noted in protocols which were considered in court: 3 protocols on excess of speed of movement, and, the businessman managed to come across on this violation 2 times a day. So, on June 24 the staff of GAI recorded speed excess by the Mersedes S 450 car at which wheel there was R. Goroyan, twice. It isn't known where this day the businessman so hurried, but for similar violations of traffic regulations, according to Art. 122 p.1, the penalty in the amount of 255 to 340 UAH

is provided

Raphael Vaagnovich doesn't love and to stop when him ask. No, not then when someone asks, and on request of employees of the State traffic inspectorate. 2 similar cases were recorded: the first - on April 5, and the second - on November 22, 2008. Possibly, Raphael Goroyan thought that if he has so expensive car, anybody won't stop it.After all many say that the staff of GAI fixes only the violations made by "mere mortals", and to "cool foreign cars" doesn't pay attention because then there can be many problems, and the driver of foreign cars both broke traffic regulations, and breaks. It appears that it not so. Stop and punish. And it is correct: I broke - answer!

Now probably Raphael Goroyan should employ the personal driver, after all it is difficult to present that it will go on business meetings in public transport.

Again to get permission to vehicle driving, the businessman should hand over again on the driving license - procedure such.

We hope, to Raphael Vaagnovich won't make big work to undergo all procedures in 3 months. And examination in GAI as the citizen of Ukraine, in Ukrainian it will hand over without problems.


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