In 4 days of new year in the Nikolaev area there were 14 road accidents - 1 person was lost and 2 are injured

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In the first days of new year in the territory of the Nikolaev area it is registered 14 dorozhno - transport incidents as a result of which 1 person was lost and 2 - are injured.

The analysis dorozhno - transport incidents testifies that the main reason for their commission - rough violations by participants of traffic of requirements of Traffic regulations: management of the drunk vehicle, emergency creation, speed excess, overtaking violation of the rules, and also violations of traffic regulations by pedestrians.

So, on January 1 at 19.00 the elderly man decided to pass the carriageway to Kosmonavtov St. in not established place. As a result VAZ-22154 pleased under car wheels. As a result dorozhno - transport incident the pedestrian with multiple injuries was delivered in BSMP.

In the afternoon on January 3 near the house 1 on Znamenskaya St. 33 - the summer driver of the car "MERCEDES-BENZ" didn't manage to drive, left out of limits of the carriageway and crashed into a tree. As a result the driver from traumatized died at the place of accident. About it reports a press - service UGAI in the Nikolaev area.

On January 4, also didn't manage without dorozhno - transport incidents. In the evening near the intersection with Admiral Makarov St. 70 - the summer man passed the carriageway to Pushkinskaya St. on the crosswalk, but from - for not observance of Traffic regulations by the driver of the ZAZ-1103 car in anything the innocent pedestrian with injuries got to BSMP.


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