In the Nikolaev area the house blew up! There are victims

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Yesterday, on January 12, at 21:40, in an extension to a house down the street Lenina in the city New Bug the Nikolaev area occurred powerful explosion of air-gas mix which led to emergence of a fire in which the hostess of the house and her husband suffered. According to the preliminary version as a cause of explosion the safety violation of the rules served at operation of gas devices indoors at home.

Two were engaged in elimination of emergency abnormally - saving offices of SGPCh-5 of Novobugsky RO GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. The fire which captured the area of 30 square meters, managed to be extinguished later only floor of hour. The task force of Novobugsky RO GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine worked at a scene as in the Nikolaev area, is investigative - task force of regional department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, emergency medical service crew, and also "Nikolayevgaz" crew, reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Explosion led to destruction of a roof of a stone extension and glass at windows of apartments. Bearing designs of a house aren't damaged. The size of loss of property from explosion and a fire now is established.

As it became known, 48 - the summer hostess of the apartment with the diagnosis a thermal burn of 3 degrees of both forearms and it 49 - the summer husband with the diagnosis a thermal burn of the person of 3 degrees and a laceration of the person are hospitalized in surgical office of Novobugsky central regional hospital. After assistance the woman refused hospitalization.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations addresses to citizens - be the extremely careful at operation of gas devices. Don't neglect elementary rules of safe activity!


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