Last year citizens asked from the mayor of social protection

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For 2008 on consideration of the mayor, his deputies and the secretary of city council 4536 addresses of citizens, including 4032 written addresses and 504 addresses on personal receptions arrived, reports a press - service of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

The mayor, his deputies and the secretary of city council carried out 109 personal receptions, including exit receptions of the mayor in a work place in department of education, health care management, in department zhilishchno - municipal services and in a residence in Varvarovk's residential district. In comparison with 2007 the number of addresses decreased by 16,2%.

From the low-protected segments of the population and other preferential categories of citizens 1766 addresses arrived: from disabled people of the Great Patriotic War - 136, participants of operations - 57, participants of war - 166, families of lost (dead) in the war - 19, children of war - 132, disabled people of Army - 19, disabled people - 481, pensioners - 602, Heroes of Socialist Work-1, large families and lonely mothers - 135, from persons who suffered from accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station - 18.

In total in addresses 4782 questions were raised.

The greatest number of questions in addresses which arrived from residents for 2008 I concerned:

  • municipal problems - 1389 questions, or 29,3% (in 2007 - 1795, or 32,5%). In addresses the repair questions кровль, elevators, apartments, sewer networks and water supply, an unsatisfactory road condition and sidewalks, garbage removal and illumination of streets, installation of road signs were raised.
  • constructions and architecture - 792, or 16,7% (in 2007 - 915, or 16,7%). The most part concerned questions of carrying out construction works near houses or in the house adjoining territory, violations sanitarno - construction norms at reconstruction of apartments.
  • social protection - 711, or 15,0% (in 2007 - 698, or 12,6%). The majority of addresses with a request to give financial help on accommodation and treatment, on clothes acquisition, obtaining sanatorium permits for improvement, purposes of subsidies.
  • improvements of living conditions - 590, or 12,4% (in 2007 - 674, or 12,2%). The main questions concerned improvement of living conditions: to provide a place in a hostel or to provide other room, to allocate the apartment it agrees with turn.
  • the land questions - 475, or 10,0% (in 2007 - 614, or 11,1%). The main questions concerned allocation of the land plots under building of individual houses, settlement of land disputes.
  • trade - 125, or 2,6% (in 2007 - 101, or 1,8%). The main questions concerned spontaneous trade in the city, silence violations in public places, works of trade entertainment complexes.

In comparison with 2007 in 2008 the quantity of questions on municipal problems, land decreased, to construction and architecture which were broken in addresses of residents, but the quantity of questions of social protection and trade increased.


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