In 2008 city services landed more than 15 thousand green plantings

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According to management of protection of surrounding environment of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, for the last years the number of new green plantings in the city increased almost by 6 thousand units. If in 2004 management forces in their city landed 9,78 thousand: 2,13 thousand trees and 7,15 thousand bushes, in a year left this indicator grew more than by 1,5 times, having made 15,68 thousand units: 4,68 thousand trees and 11 thousand bushes. From them 1266 trees and 3 thousand in fall of last goal are landed round the city range of solid household waste. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

And now all "recruits" of "green fund" the cities please nikolayevets - thanks to observance of technologies of landing their survival made 100%. So budgetary funds weren't spent for nothing. The general cost "ozelenitelnykh" of works in 2008 made 861,4 thousand UAH

We will note that last year in Nikolaev became unfortunately 990 trees less. All of them were born as emergency as with possible falling threatened health of citizens and safety of air communications.

Today 17 sq.m of green plantings are the share of each resident. And it without gardens of the private sector and collective garden societies.

According to management of protection of surrounding environment, from trees such breeds are most widespread in our city: acacia, maple, it is clear, an oak, a chestnut, a linden, a mulberry. All these breeds have the best dustproof and gas-proof properties.

As experts note, the increase in "the green massif" is extremely important for the cities. After all such plantings have a great impact on climate of settlements:regulate an amount of precipitation, serve as tanks of clean air, enriching the atmosphere with oxygen, protect a soil cover from a water and wind erosion, interfere with an ovragoobrazovaniye, protect water sources from drying and pollution. Besides, physicians note influence of trees on possibility of a disease of such illness, as asthma. The quantity of trees and indicators of a disease of asthma are in inversely proportional dependence - the more green plantings, the it is less probability to ache.


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