Nikolaev Mchsniki was spent by doctrines on rescue of the people who have failed under ice

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Now ice thickness on the river decreases every day, the ice cover hardly stands the person, but nevertheless daredevils suffice to fish and walk down the river. On January 16 the Nikolaev rescuers trained to give help failed under ice. Only past year Mchsnikami on water rescued 13 people, reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

At the beginning of doctrines the introduction arrives - in 50-ти meters from the coast under ice two fishermen failed. The role of the victim was played by one of the rescuers, dressed in a diving suit: only at its existence it is possible to plunge into the river without risk for life. Rescued from ice captivity it several methods: by means of a rope, a ladder - a stick, a lifebuoy, "Alexandrov's end" and "Straw" (the fire hose filled with air). Also for the first time on ice possibilities of the special boat on airbags were shown. Ways of rescue of one fisherman were shown another, rescue by means of make-shifts and specifics.

However not always rescuers can quickly react to a call about incident. The main thing that each person needs to remember: going on fishing, it is quite good to take with itself not only tackles, but also it is obligatory to have with itself the mobile phone, a rope, a board, a thermos with the hot tea, any big nail. If manages to fail, by means of this simple adaptation it will be possible to catch a slippery ice surface. In - the second if you failed under ice, should be remembered: getting out of water, it isn't necessary to panic, it is necessary to be rolled slowly on firm part not to break under itself ice, to get out of water, urgently to dump wet clothes, to reach the nearest shelter or a saving post and to call the ambulance.

There was a separate wish to address to parents: you watch where your child spends free time, remind children of danger of careless walks on ice.


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