In the Nikolaev area "oven" fires

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With approach of a heating season as the statistics shows, annually in rural areas cases of poisoning with carbon monoxide from oven heating are registered.

Such misfortune happened on January 18 with 19 - the summer resident of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area, reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. As experts found out, the young man was lost from poisoning with carbon monoxide from - for rough violation of the rules of safety - didn't open the gate of the furnace and went to bed.

Often, simply without reflecting on consequences of the thoughtless relation to implementation of fire safety regulations, people allow serious violations. As shows experiment, the result in that case won't keep itself waiting long. Now messages on "oven" fires arrive almost daily. It is necessary to remember the reason for which such fires occur. Among them: excessively long protaplivaniye of the furnace; use at ignition of flammable liquids; lack of a prefurnace leaf; absence or the insufficient amount of fire-prevention cutting at a flue.

On January 19 in the same Pervomaisk the furnace led to one more trouble - in one of private houses the fire began. Fortunately, nobody suffered. As it appeared, the careless owner, having kindled the furnace since evening, I left from the house. The fire began from - that the spark from a crack of the heated furnace was thrown on the carpet hanging on a wall. The carpet, then sofa lit up. Fire was stopped in time by the fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who have arrived on a call of neighbors.

In the evening of the same day in area Kotlyarovo Zhovtnevogo's village the fire flashed on a house roof. Fire began with a flue of the heated furnace. It should be noted that at this moment of the house was nobody, and the furnace was kindled long ago.

It is worth reminding once again the basic rules of operation of the oven equipment: before a heating season of the furnace and flues it is necessary to clean and repair, close up cracks. The furnace, chimney in junctions with wooden garret or interfloor overlappings have to have a bricklaying thickening - cutting. It is extremely dangerous to leave burning furnaces without supervision or on care of juvenile children. It is impossible to apply combustible and flammable liquids to ignition of furnaces.Bake shouldn't adjoin all plane of one of walls wooden designs. It is necessary to leave between them an air interval - отступку. On a timber floor before a fire chamber it is necessary to beat a metal (prefurnace) leaf the sizes not less than 50 by 70 cm. Not to allow перекала the furnace it is recommended to heat its two - three times a day and no more than on an hour and a half. It is periodically necessary to clean a flue from soot accumulating in it. It is forbidden to dry on furnaces of a thing and crude firewood.


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