BQ "Kiev" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 91:60

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Basketball. Championship of Ukraine. Superleague

Before game

The BQ "Kiev", despite almost full "changing of the guard" in inter-season period, remains the stablest Ukrainian club. Sasha Obradovich's wards surely head championship standings. As well as in last season, by the way. And their main competitors - from "Azovmash" - breathe in a nape and hope for a series of the ply - офф.
>Recently the brightest returned to a system after a long break and, probably, the dearest player as a part of "wolves" - Clay Thaker. Its throw rescued the leader from defeat in Sumy in the previous round.
However the current of a match suggests an idea that the mood of team was not optimum. Speaking more frankly - problems with finance and "wolves" stroked the wrong way. It is unlikely these assumptions, even turn out to be true, can form the sufficient basis for optimism to the Nikolaev basketball players and fans. Unless our team will show character as it was made by the same to the sumchena. And at least will show worthy resistance.


BQ "Kiev" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 91:60 (22:16, 21:13, 22:16, 26:15) On January 20, SK "Meridian", 1000 viewers.
Productivity (points/minutes in game)
Head coach Sasha OBRADOVICHHead coach Vladimir FIELDS
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges: V. Drabikovsky, B. Ryzhik, A. Babik (all - Kiev)
Commissioner R. Ryzhik (Kiev)

Nikolayevtsa moved in the score 4:2, and on it game фарт guests I ran low. Inhabitants of Kiev gathered in a row following 8 points whereas guests lost some balls, at all without having brought the matter to a throw on a ring. Quite often couple of "wolves" blocked our playing, and the four of his partners was covered … by three rivals.

Not without sin Onufriyev and Silkovsky acted. But thus they made all productive throws of MBK "Nikolaev", except for the first which Hlebovitski was successful. Inhabitants of Kiev relied on the big. Kravtsov, Bayramovich and Stanoyevich didn't bring - 16:22.

Actively I joined in fight after Yaylo's break. However visible absence of shyness before the titled rivals wasn't reflected in the accuracy of its throws. I kept the drive Onufriyev, in our team Hlebovitski was successful in the only tryulnik. The most surprising that Rajevski was personal the first to score in this match only one half-minute prior to a big break - 29:43.

The picture changed after rest a little. At first 6--point breakthrough is made by owners, then guests - Onufriyev, Yaylo, Silkovsky, Hdebovitski, Rajevski gradually start giving a vote. But inhabitants of Kiev leave nikolayevets further away - 45:65.
Having provided result, owners of a platform continued to overact. Especially Kravtsov who hammered four balls from above succeeded. At us more than one exact throw from game was made only by Silkovsky and Hlebovitski. 60:91.

After game

The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh told that on a match course, even after failure start, he trusted - it is possible to stop rivals at least at a boundary of 20 points. However unconstrained mistakes at draw of a ball didn't allow to be hooked even for this boundary. And it was impossible to give more time on a platform to Rajevski. He and so played with a great effort as the trauma made itself felt.

Certainly, lack of Gladyrya who was traumatized in the previous match affected also. But the team is adjusted on fight, we will try not to afflict our fans in the forthcoming duels.

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AndInПР / aboutAbout
1BQ OF CUES161421358:110230
3BQ DONETSK151051250:115225
5MBK NIKOLAEV165111179:137521
8BQ POLTAVA153121150:127418

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