On the average in a year four inspections were carried out and revealed on 0,18 average "the road advocate"

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On a question of, whether GAI officers of a bribe take, at us long ago and unsuccessfully try to find only the right answer. Officially - bribes don't take. Or practically don't take. But irresponsible drivers why - that persistently argue the opposite point of view.

In official language of a bribe which take (or rather don't take) inspectors of GAI, are called as requisitions. And so, if to trust statistics of GAI Department, in the first half of 2008 in Ukraine it was carried out 1442 "protivopobornykh" of check during which 45 facts of requisitions were discovered. 1832 more such checks took place in the next five months at which carrying out elicited 92 more facts of requisitions.

It is a lot of it or a little? If to consider that in Ukraine about 750 areas, in each of them, on the average in a year are, was carried out a little more than four inspections and revealed on 0,18 average bribe takers. Sorry, "advocate".

And it means that extremely difficult to elicit the similar facts even to specially trained detectives. But having had heard plenty from familiar drivers about as far as this phenomenon is now widespread, I decided to observe GAI work. Or, speaking official language, to exercise secret control. I will at once make a reservation, personally I bribes never paid, and the only penalty written out to me challenged in court. At the same time, once I had to become the witness of how the driver stopped for excess of speed, tried to pay off from the inspector of GAI. And, the driver was extremely indignant of that the inspector refused to take money.

For the "secret check" I simply wanted to find the brisk intersection at which there would be staff of GAI, and to observe their work. I managed to find a similar point with patrol car quickly enough.

Violators sufficed, but inspectors stopped not all - simply weren't in time physically. Thus "in work" at the same time was to four cars. The mechanism was the is as follows: inspector stopped the violator, it was represented, without looking hid his documents in a pocket and dealt with "clients" in turn. On the average, on one driver about ten minutes left.

I watched this process a little more than 15 minutes.And though I was approximately in 50 meters from inspectors, they a trained eye "copied" me minutes through ten. Therefore, having fast dealt with all already stopped, got into the car and, having slowly passed by me, dashed away in the unknown direction.

During this time to two drivers resolutions on penalty imposing in 425 UAH to everyone were written out, and one more gave 300 UAH "without protocol". I received this information directly from drivers who as I think, wouldn't began to deceive the passerby who has sympathized them. And I couldn't interrogate one more "for technical reasons". But, judging by his aggressive behavior, a look and time spent in conversation with inspectors, it too wrote out the resolution, and in any way for the smaller sum.

It should be noted that all protocols were made for violation of the rules of journey of intersections, and it is absolutely fair. However, whether that driver who did "without protocol" broke, I didn't see. But, judging by his behavior (I approached to the inspector and I gave documents - run back to the car - run with a purse in hands to the car of the inspector - run back), he didn't deny the fault.

Frankly speaking, for "secret check" I chose not the best time. And for any half an hour, carried out in search of truth, I thoroughly froze. So to inspectors of GAI which wave the whole day a stick on "fresh air", you won't envy. If to take that ridiculous salary which to them pay into account.

As for money with which many drivers pay off from penalties, for the country in which corruption is almost official doctrine, it is quite normal phenomenon. Under a condition, of course, that this money is paid for perfect violations. After all then the penalty irrespective of, to whose pocket it will get, will execute the educational role. And quite another matter - "divorce" of the driver and attempt to tear off from it money for those violations which he didn't make.

As for that money which bring together the inspector of GAI, earlier, as we know, there was a certain plan for revenue delivery (five years ago it made 200 UAH a day), which on a chain reached the management. Information on how occurs now, I have no. But, judging by that activity with which reveal "advocates", problems remained. After all catch, most likely, objectionable or those who doesn't implement the plan.
I want to note that this "raid" I didn't set the task someone to expose, and simply wanted to be convinced of how our GAI works today. And as I believe that the vast majority of inspectors in this way works, I will leave a place of the supervision unnamed.

As for collecting cash (call it though bribes though requisitions though as - that still), that "fight" which now with it is conducted, represents usual eyewash. Having exposed on streets of the armed people allocated with big powers, the government also doesn't think to pay to them a salary, even officially allowing GAI to earn money independently. GAI, of course, earns them wholly but where they disappear - it is necessary to guess only.

At the same time, according to official information, the salary at inspectors of traffic police begins from 1200 UAH. In 3-5 years of service it raises to 2200-2500 UAH, and at the served 20 and more years the salary "significantly increases". To be fair I will note that one inspectors confirmed this information, without going into details, others from conversation evaded, and the third said that receive much less. So, one inspector in "remote place", by the way, in 2009, told that charge to him only 860 UAH

However it is anyway difficult to assume that it is enough of it for the maintenance of a family and apartment payment. Certainly, the management perfectly realizes it and therefore closes eyes to "small pranks". Thus one inspectors honestly earn to themselves a living (I will remind, to it they are forced directly by the authorities), filling up the budget at the expense of violators. And others try to discover nonexistent violations. Thus the considerable part of the first quickly enough turns secondly …

Certainly, an end, but at all has to be put to all this as it tries to show GAI management. Alas, the inspectors standing on the road, are deprived of opportunity to sell talonchik of checkup and to impose various fabricated paid services as it practices in MREO. They can't carry out and frauds with carrying out "tenders" on purchase of forms of driver's licenses, certificates on registration and other documents. And therefore they need to earn only on drivers.

The drivers which most part is law-abiding taxpayers, pay taxes, including on the maintenance of GAI. And thus, they are compelled to pay GAI work repeatedly.

Whether it is difficult to stop so-called requisitions from GAI? Simply for this purpose it is necessary to have desire. First of all, it is necessary to transfer GAI to 100-percentage budgetary financing, having forbidden this service to be engaged in commercial activity. And all payments for services rendered by these service have to arrive on budget accounts. And certainly, inspectors of GAI have to receive a worthy salary. But, alas! Today similar in principle it is impossible.

As for a real situation, today, speak, the dachshund of "compensation" averages from 100 to
300 UAH. And the one who tries to give less, simply "offends" the inspector and can be attracted as the bribe taker.


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