In the Nikolaev area in a house the gas copper

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The South of Ukraine was never allocated with "severity" of winters. This winter didn't become an exception also, but only some frosty days showed on how many to the dangerous there can be an irresponsible relation to using gas devices.

Last week, on January 22, the state Nikolaev area inspector of the Gospromnadzor together with representatives of Bashtansky JSC Nikolayevgaz carried out an inspection on observance of rules of safe using by gas supply system in the village the New resident of Ivanovo of the Bashtansky region of the Nikolaev area. Accident which happened in this village became the reason of check.

We will remind that through water freezing in system there was a gap that brought to вытоку gas therefore air-gas mix was formed.

The host in whom there was an accident, included AGV which before long time didn't work, and, without having checked its technical condition, left to work without supervision. Water which froze in system, started beginning to boil in a copper and formed a large amount of steam. The formed steam broke off AGV. Fortunately, as a result of explosion nobody suffered.

The commission which part the inspector of the Gospromnadzor was, came to a conclusion that the system of gas supply of a house was in working order, however water in system froze as the room wasn't heated, and heating system long time remained without supervision. As a result of lack of circulation of water in heating system in the heat exchanger excessive pressure of steam was formed, as became a cause of accident.

During verification of rural gas control points (GRP) in the New resident of Ivanovo, it was revealed that on them the locking device wasn't sealed up, and also there are no manometers for zamusorennost check at the maximum pressure difference of gas in filter cartridges. Besides, on GRP there was no protection.

Explosions of gas, poisoning with carbon monoxide lead not only to material losses, but also to loss of human life, and life is the most valuable that the person has. Therefore it is extremely important to adhere to safety rules when using gas in a life.

Smoke channels, capacities of water heaters for heating and heating coppers have to walk on "Safety rules of systems of gas supply of Ukraine" check and a clearing at least once a year before a heating season, and that work all year - two times a year. By no means it is impossible to close ventilating channels.


Responsibility for safety and technical condition of gas object, smoke and ventilating channels is assigned to owners, or to the specialized enterprises with which the owner concluded the agreement. In the agreement borders and amounts of works on maintenance and the repair, the regulated obligations, and also responsibility of interested parties have to be accurately registered in providing conditions of safe operation of systems of gas supply.


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