The Ministry of Emergency Situations - nicknames застерегают from walks on thin ice

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area warns - ice on reservoirs becomes friable and fragile. At this time on its surface to leave extremely dangerous. On the rivers of area failure cases under ice of people are already recorded. Besides, since the beginning of year on water objects of Nikolayevshchina 1 person was lost. If nevertheless you gave in to temptation to walk on ice and failed, council:

• Widely stretch hands at the edges of an ice breach and refrain from immersion with the head. Act resolutely and don't panic.

• Try not to break off an ice edge, without sharp movements get out on ice, crawling a breast and serially extending on a foot surface. The main thing - to adapt the body in order that it occupied the greatest space of a support.

• Having got out of an ice breach, be rolled away, and then creep in that party, from where you came and where ice durability, thus, the checked. In spite of the fact that dampness and cold push you to run and be warmed, be careful to the coast, and there don't stop, you won't appear yet in heat.

• If on your eyes on ice the person failed, immediately inform that you go for help. Enclose under itself skis, a board, plywood (it will increase the support area) and creep on them. Come nearer to an ice-hole only on all fours, widely scattering thus hands. To the edge of an ice-hole don't creep up, differently in water there will be already two. Belts, scarfs, board, pole, sledge or skis will help to rescue the person. To throw the connected belts, scarfs or boards it is necessary for 3-4 meters.

• If you not one, then having taken each other for feet, you lay down on ice a chain and move to a breach. Act resolutely and quickly - the victim quickly freezes in ice water, the wet clothes pull him to a bottom.

• Having given to the victim a rescue make-shift, extend it on ice and creep from a dangerous zone. Then cover it from a wind and as soon as possible deliver in a warm place, pound, change clothes for dry clothes and will give to drink tea.

Additional precautionary measures for fans of ice fishing:

- it isn't necessary to punch some holes nearby;

- it is dangerous to gather big groups in one place;

- you shouldn't risk and catch fish near gullies;

- it is necessary to stock up with a rope 12-15 meters long.

Nevertheless, the most important rule which will save you from misfortune - you don't come to the ice, what seductive it wouldn't be.


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