Nikolaev Mchsniki carried out raid on check of the gas and oven equipment

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With approach to the oseena - the winter period in inhabited sector growth of fires for causes of infringement of fire safety regulations increases at operation of oven and gas heating. Also problem question there is a careless handling of fire during drunk smoking. Directly inspectors of office nadzorno - preventive activity of regional departments of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area are engaged in prevention of these questions. Monthly inspection structure carries out raids on housing sector with carrying out conversations - instructing in prevention of emergence of fires. Together with employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations local law enforcement agencies and employees of managements of social protection of the population take part in raids.

On January 23 raid together with the staff of Zhovtnevy regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Management of work and social protection of the population, service for children of the Zhovtnevy district state administration and workers of mass media was carried out. During raid the inhabited sector of the settlement of Galitsinovo Zhovtnevogo of the region of the Nikolaev area was visited. About it reports the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

When carrying out raid with the population explanatory discussions on prevention of fires were led. Also the gas and oven equipment with finishing of fire safety regulations at their operation was checked, evident propaganda with the main requirements of fire safety regulations in a life was distributed.

Much attention was paid to unprotected segments of the population, such as large families, persons of advanced years and people who abuse alcoholic drinks.Their residence was checked and the basic rules of fire safety are finished when heating houses, when using electrical household appliances and during smoking.

Permanent job in this direction promotes improvement of a fire-prevention state in inhabited sector, but nevertheless fires happen also the reason for that - neglect fire safety regulations the population. First of all persons abusing alcoholic drinks which are group of risk for people around, have to think of the way of life and analyse for themselves threat to the health, from - for alcohol intake. To reflect that can happen when not the clear consciousness under the influence of alcohol can lead to a grief, trouble and sufferings.

With children work on studying of fire safety regulations, both parents and teachers at schools because because of adults children sometimes endanger themselves has to be carried out constantly and threaten the life and people around.

With persons of advanced years the state is slightly worse because some aged people remained with the diseases and an old age. Even cooking by such people can lead to fire emergence. Therefore it would be desirable that people who live near aged, cared of them and gave if necessary help, because paying of attention to this segment of the population - guarantee of safety for all.

We hope that such actions as raids, will lead to considerable improvements in the safety and life sphere without fires.


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