Since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area it is recorded 2 dorozhno - transport incidents because of minors in whom children were traumatized

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Accident on the road it always the tragedy, especially if in it children suffer. The most unprotected on - former there are little pedestrians. In many cases drivers aren't guilty, however it is impossible to confer all responsibility on children too. First of all it is necessary to ask from adults who couldn't explain well to children elements of Traffic regulations.

Since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area it is recorded already 2 dorozhno - transport incidents because of minors in whom 2 children were traumatized.

So, on January 27 after lessons 11 - the summer boy, the pupil of a gymnasium No. 4, decided to ride a bike, but Mayovshchikov suddenly came out to the crosswalk on Krasnykh St. and right there got under GAZ car-32213 wheels. As a result the child with serious injuries was taken to regional children's hospital. Unfortunately, the young cyclist absolutely forgot that, approaching or approaching to the carriageway, it is necessary to look on the parties, to be convinced that there is no car and the rule of crossing of the road with bicycle doesn't know.

Next day in Pervomaisk, at 14.00, 10 - the summer pupil of already May Day comprehensive school No. 17, ran out on the carriageway on forbidding red signal of the traffic light and, certainly, got under AUDI A6 car wheels. The child survived, but with multiple injuries physicians brought the careless pedestrian to May Day central city hospital. The senior inspector of UGAI reports about it in Vlasov Valery's Nikolaev area.

Responsibility for these tragedies lays down, first of all, on adults. After all we, adults, couldn't put in due time that knowledge and the skills of Traffic regulations necessary at safe behavior on streets and roads.

Owing to the age and psychological features of development children are very excitable, dynamic and in too time are disseminated:aren't able to expect danger, it is correct to estimate distance of the coming nearer car, its speed and the opportunities.

That the young participant of traffic should know and carry out, in traffic regulations is located on several pages. It is obliged to learn some road signs where it is possible to cross the road, to remember traffic light signals, it is safe to be guided on the carriageway. Here, at first sight, and all "science". It is possible to seize it in a week, and any first grader can cope with it.

Rules - the road law, their knowledge and observance it is obligatory. But also it isn't enough of it. The rest is reached by means of ability correctly to estimate a situation on the road, to predict danger and to work adequately to a situation. To help children to develop this ability - a task of adults. From teachers, parents, grandmothers and grandfathers depends as themselves girls and boys as pedestrians will move further.

Dear parents! From you it is required a little: crossing the street, warn the children against carelessness. You give examples. And examples such - a set. Children are very impressionable and your diligence leave in their consciousness and will seed in soul attentiveness and care traces. Thereby you will secure young life against tragedies.

Also it would be advisable to check independent behavior of the kid on the road. And the important fact - to be an example for all young pedestrians.

Separately it would be desirable to address to drivers - having seen on the sidewalk, the crosswalk of the child - it is necessary to foresee already his actions, to be careful doubly, in any such situation it can appear and your child.

After all only together we will be able to keep life of our children that and further streets of big cities and small settlements were filled with their ringing voices!


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