In Nikolaev the MANHOLE bus brought down the woman who crossed the road on the crosswalk

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Today undoubtedly it is possible to call our highways roads of operations where any ten dorozhno - transport incidents in which are guilty both drivers, and pedestrians is daily made. Drivers ignoring Traffic regulations dare to exceed speed, to violate rules of overtaking and not to pass pedestrians, and pedestrians, in turn, being sure that Rules are created especially for drivers, trying to save some seconds, don't pass transport, pass, and sometimes and run across the carriageway in not established places, thus are crippled and perish in dorozhno - transport incidents.

Only for the first month of the current year in the territory of area it was made 18 dorozhno - transport incidents with participation of pedestrians in whom 4 persons were lost, and 16 - were injured.

On January 31, at 08.00 in Nikolaev, on crossing of Lenin Ave. and Ryumin St. 50 - the summer woman approached to the crosswalk, waited while the green signal of the traffic light will be lit and began to cross the road.

At this moment with Ryumin St. turned the MANHOLE bus which brought down the woman. The pedestrian from traumatized died on the spot. About it reports a press - service of the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area.

The driver and the pedestrian - two participants of traffic. Difference only that one operates the difficult mechanism, and another only own movements.

Addressing to participants of traffic, the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area asks to adhere to requirements of Traffic regulations. Whatever were perfect our roads and vehicles, the main role on the road is played by a human factor.People go every day and go on the same streets, roads, know practically by heart an arrangement of stops, crosswalks, features of this or that intersection, an operating mode of traffic lights, but all the same become participants, and even road accident victims. Paradox? No, I think usual negligence.


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