Labor unions call places of new accidents on mines and create the independent commission

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"We are expected by new tragedies on mines until control of observance of standards of safety won't be imposed on labor unions for which political fights round the government and fight for excess profits of owners of mines" are alien, - the head of the National Forum of labor unions Miroslav Yakibchuk considers. "Political intrigues and business interests of oligarchs prevent to call places of new possible tragedies at the coal-mining enterprises", - the trade-union leader is sure.

According to Yakibchuk, the most dangerous situation for today on so-called deep mines where coal mining is conducted at a depth more than one thousand meters. For example, from - for continuous emissions of methane and a dust the catastrophic situation developed on mine of a name of Skochinsky, Is southern - the Donbass mines 1 and 3, and also on mine of a name of Zasyadko where coal mining after numerous accidents is again conducted today.

According to the leader of labor unions, on some mines don't try to observe at all standard of safety, and coal mining there is conducted podpolno. It occurs, in particular, on Kuibyshev, Zaperevalny, mines of a name of Kirov, and a name of Gorky, (all mines - in Donetsk region). The daily norm of production on "underground" mines, according to NFPU, averages 150-500 tons.

Therefore labor unions created own independent commission which investigates the reasons of the last accidents on the Ukrainian mines, call guilty, and also will point to ways of prevention of similar accidents in the future.

We will remind, on June 8 in Yenakiyevo on mine of a name of Karl Marx of DP "Ordzhonikidzeugol" on the horizons of 875-1000 meters there was an explosion of air-gas mix. In mine 37 miners worked. In the city of Ternovka of the Dnepropetrovsk area in the territory of Ternovskaya mine of VAT "Pavlogradugol" seven cars from which three turned over descended on June 16 from flights.The Gosgorpromnadzor forbade on June 14 coal mining on mine of a name of Zasyadko in Donetsk from - for rough violations of the rules of safety, but allowed to resume coal mining on this mine later.


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