Since the beginning of 2009 in the Nikolaev area 8 pedestrians

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Every day inhabitants of Nikolaev can observe such picture as employees of the State traffic inspectorate serve at the most difficult and dangerous intersections of the regional center. They, except traffic safety also carry out scheduled maintenance with pedestrians. After all only this year in the area territory already happened 29 dorozhno - transport incidents to participation of pedestrians in whom 8 people were lost and 23 got various injuries. But recently it is quite frequent, occur dorozhno - transport incidents when drivers force down from feet in than not guilty people passing the carriageway on the crosswalk. About it reports sector on UGAI public relations in the Nikolaev area.

Here, for example, on February 6 around 16.00 45 - the summer man according to Traffic regulations passed Lenin Avenue, Sadovaya St. is slightly higher, on "zebra", but nevertheless "VAZ-21099" pleased under car wheels, with injuries it was delivered in BSMP of Nikolaev.

Similar dorozhno - transport incident happened and on February 10. Around 20.00 on Mira Avenue, it isn't far from Victory Square, the driver of the GAS-32213 car brought down 31 - the summer woman who passed the carriageway on the unregulated crosswalk. As a result of road accident the woman with concussion of a brain and closed cherepno - a brain trauma it was delivered in BSMP of Nikolaev.

Many will ask what to do? Not to cross at all the road? No, from it where not to get to in the regional center. Simply, dear pedestrians, costs always, approaching to the carriageway to stop and look on the parties, to be convinced that cars don't come nearer.

Dear drivers! Be careful and attentive near stops of public transport, nearby unregulated crosswalks. Remember that only strict observance of Traffic regulations will keep life and health not only to you, but also surrounding people.

After all until then while each of us won't learn to be more attentive on the carriageway and won't cease so thoughtlessly treats everything, we will repeatedly hear squeal of brakes... also can be in any time will do without victim...


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